Friday 12 February 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - Love and Loki

friday fics fixThis week's Friday Fics Fix is FrostIron. Again. (Reminder: FrostIron is a Tony Stark and Loki romantic relationship. It works surprisingly well. And I read a worryingly large amount of it.)

I know, I have a problem. But I kind of don't care!

So this week's rec (recommendation,) is...

The God Who Fell To Earth by semaphore27

This is a loooong fic - I'm still on the last couple of chapters because it's like novella-length or something. But it's worth it.

This fic will make you feel things - if it doesn't, then you need some serious sensitivity training. Like, seriously.

So, to give you a little idea of what this is about:

Loki, in his Jotun (frost-giant) form has been banished to Midgard (Earth) by the ever-a**hole-y Odin. (Odin in fanfiction is usually about ten times more of a jerk than he is in the films, maybe even more.)

Loki isn't doing too well on Earth, and ends up homeless and ill on the streets of New York.

Eventually, a seriously unwell Loki is taken in by the Avengers. And Tony has sort of a soft spot for him.

There's also some crossover with the X-men: including the ever brilliant Nightcrawler. The fic-author manages to make this seem unforced and natural, which is quite an achievement.

You will want to hug Loki, and probably Tony, more than once.

It's also written really well, which is refreshing. Sure, it has some spelling/grammar issues here and there - but this is fanfiction, it doesn't have fancy-schmancy proofers to check through for typos.

There's also some swearing, alcoholism, homelessness, prejudice, bigotry, massive abuse and neglect by terrible parents, and some pretty icky medical moments. Just to warn you.

But, this is really well-developed and thought-provoking.

Honestly, this is one of those fics that remind you that fanfiction can be beautiful and genuinely worthwhile.

Read it, you'll love it.

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