Sunday 7 February 2016

Nerd Church - More Tolerance, Please?

There are two things that really struck me this week, and reminded me that people can be stupidly intolerant.

The first is the UKIP broadcast that was shown this week - which I'm not going to link to, because I'm not going to help those b*****ds get more views. Suffice to say, it was trash.

For those in other countries, let me explain: UKIP stands for United Kingdom Independence Party; their dogma is that Britain should leave the European Union (EU.)

world light
What they really are, is a racist, sexist, homophobic, generally bigoted, bunch of lunatics.

They are led by a man who looks like a toad but somehow is trusted by a lot of people because he drinks in pubs a lot.

They also believe that the BBC shouldn't be making drama or entertainment programming - like Sherlock or Doctor Who. They basically believe the BBC should be a propaganda network.

They have a much larger amount of support than I would hope.

Back to the broadcast - if you cut past the pseudo-documentary-style, and the blonde Northern woman (who presumably was there to make us feel all trusting and salt-of-the-earth-y,) the 'message' was that Britain shouldn't be in the EU because... Muslims.

I'm not kidding. The whole broadcast was based around the fact that Turkey want to join the EU, and Turkey has more Muslims than Christians, as well as borders with Muslim countries.

This type of trash makes me feel physically sick.

The other thing this week that made me think: 'dude, can't we just get along and treat people right?' was the story about the Northern Ireland bakery.

rainbow sprinklesTo fill you all in: there's this bakery in Northern Ireland that didn't want to make a pro-gay-marriage cake for a customer.

Now - it's OK to have your own beliefs, and to not support gay marriage (though I think you're being silly if you don't support gay marriage - but that's 'cause I have my own beliefs too.) What is not OK, is not serving people cake with whatever message they want to put on it.

They were found to be discriminatory against the customer who wanted the cake: but now they've appealed and it's got all wibbly and debate-y again.

And I'm there like: Just make the damned cake!!!! No-one is asking you to marry the guy! It's a freaking cake!

Also, are we talking chocolate cake here? Or just sponge? I want to know!

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  1. That's all absolutely ridiculous and it reminds me a lot about what's happening here in the States, which is not a good thing. It never stops bewildering me that people can be so hateful against one another. It's like seriously people, we are all human, we all live here, let's just get along and let people live their lives happily.

    1. truer words were never spoken! Girl after my own heart :)


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