Monday 8 February 2016

The Alternative Valentine's Playlist Part 1 - Diverse Love

It's nearly Valentine's day again, and everywhere there are fluffy hearts and balloons and teddies and the whatnot.

There are also plenty of love songs faffing around the place - and I figured, why not provide some alternatives to the usual cohort of sappy ballads? So I give you, The Alternative Valentine's Playlist.

Part 1 is a short list of songs about diverse love. Songs which deal with LGBTQ+ themes and love - literally or by clear subtext.

Obviously, this is a list that I've thrown together, and only represents my own musical tastes (which tend to veer towards the weird/emo/rock,) but I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and there's probably swearing in one or more of these songs, just to warn you.

Panic! At the Disco - Girls/Girls/Boys

A really catchy song with about as clear a message as you're ever likely to come across: 'girls love girls and boys/ and love is not a choice.'

Mika - Billy Brown
A song about a man who 'fell in love with another man.'
Mika - Toy Boy
This is subtext rather than overt, but I think it speaks for itself: 'Had a boy once who loved me/ Now he's so afraid of me.'
Placebo - Nancy Boy
A fairly deep song (with a freaky video,) that talks a lot about gender and sexual fluidity.

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