Friday 25 March 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Vampirelock!

Friday fanfiction
I've been reading a lot of Sherlockian fanfiction.

I'm not entirely sure which way is up any more, and have seen some things that might require some repressing/hiding in the corner for a very, very, long time.

Let's be honest: I'm probably going to hell :) Yay.

Still, this is just one of the ways we in maniacal-laughter fandom-land keep our insanity up to a certain level (that level being pretty damned high, thank you very much!)

Over the past week I think I've read about John and Sherlock doing it (along with the occasional example of Sherlock and Moriarty doing it, and Mycroft and Lestrade doing it,) in pretty much any way you can possibly imagine.

And probably a lot of ways that no-one should've been able to imagine.

(I love you, dear fandom, but you are mega-warped. And most of you are far too young to know the level of sexual detail that you write about.)

Eventually though, after my traipse through so very many warped fics, I discovered one that I can recommend to you.

It's not completely free of the sexy-times though.

So, in the spirit of your parents and guardians not yelling at me, I will once again point out that this is 18+ only.

Fanfiction is, at it's heart, shameless wish-fulfilment - so are these your wishes? -

Want some Johnlock?
Shameless smut?
John Watson taking care of an injured Sherlock?
A dash of humour with our dear Lestrade?

Then my fair Sherlockians, you will like:

A Compelling Argument by MerKat

It's a little clumsy and/or clunky in places. And there are the normal typos and spelling/grammar issues that you learn to live with if you read fanfiction.

But it's light, it's fun, and it has a combination of Sherlock and a vampire John Watson.


Phew. Sorry.

Being Sherlockian does things to a girl sometimes. But then, if you've read this far than you probably damn well know that.

I'll see you next week. If I haven't ended up in fandom-induced hysteria by then.

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