Thursday 24 March 2016

Comics Wrap Up - I'll be Your Detonator

Film Trailers

Ohmygosh!!!! The X-men Apocalypse trailer!!!!

This looks like it's going to be super-cool guys - I mean just look.

Apocalypse is a major storyline in the X-men comics, and I'd be worried - if we hadn't just come off the successfully handled 'Days of Future Past.' I think Bryan Singer can handle it. I think it's alllll gonna be great! :)

And there is Nightcrawler. Therefore awesomeness.

Other Stuff

I came across the exceptionally talented Jessi Sheron on Twitter - you can check out her amazing artwork here.

She writes a mermaid web-comic called The Sea in You.

Johanna over on Comics Worth Reading talked about the Sherlock manga being released in English. I can't wait!

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  1. I can't wait for X-men apocalypse! I am such a huge fan of X-men. Also, are you loking forward to watching Batman vs Superman? My best friend has been fangirling about the Sherlock manga.

    1. I'm not really a DC girl (although, I have been dipping my toes into DC more often lately) and to be honest, Batman vs Superman worries me in that, when DC goes off on one, it has a tendency to dive straight off the deep-end.

      I mean, it *could* be great, but it has the feeling of 'let the monkey fight the elephant!!!' - sorry, quoting a particularly crazy Simpsons episode there.

      Anywho, I'll wait and see. It could be great. Really...

      But yeah, Marvel fangirl all the way! Particularly X-men. So much love for that ragtag band of mutants. :)


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