Monday 21 March 2016

Mini-Review (Poetry Edition!) - The Zoo Father by Pascale Petit

The Zoo Father Pascale PetitTitle: The Zoo Father

Author: Pascale Petit

Genre: Poetry

Amazon: UK - USA


This is not an easy book to read; it's a dark book, a book of poems filled with the confused aftermath of violence and abuse.

Much of the imagery is dark and uncomfortable. The relationship between the poet and her parents - particularly the relationship between herself and her father - is laid painfully bare.

These aren't the most captivating poems I have ever read: I have read many more which spoke more to me personally. Poetry can be funny like that - uniquely subjective in a way almost no other medium is.

Still though, this is powerful poetry - poetry with its roots entangled in pain and reality. You can't help but feel the truth in the words.

And for anyone to write such raw truths - imaginatively, carefully, questioningly - must be admired in a way that is reserved for those who have given part of themselves to the world.

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