Tuesday 22 March 2016

The 10 Stages of Writing A Blogpost

Just a short list-post about my 10 stages of writing a blogpost - these are the main stages, I'm sure there's stuff in between/stuff I skip out/stuff I do in a different order.

coffee and laptop

But I figured I'd give you all a glimpse of my blogging processes ;)

  1. The light-bulb - ooh! I could do this! Now I have something to write about! (This is less of a problem when it comes to reviews, because I already know what I'm supposed to be writing about.)
  2. The blank page - why won't you have writing on you: why?!
  3. The writing stuff - normally I just throw my brains onto the page and hope for the best. Sometimes I'll write out the main points I want to make - because otherwise I have a tendency to forget them. Usually though, it's straight from brain to keyboard.
  4. The re-reading - when did I write that?! That doesn't even make sense! (Bashes head against laptop.)
  5. The formatting - any pictures, links, font styles, etc., which I haven't included as I was going along need to be chucked in here.
  6. More re-reading, more formatting - I normally tweak little things for a while: things I'm not happy with, things I forgot to put in, etc. And getting the images to line up right with the text is the bane of my existence.
  7. The scheduling - I always schedule my posts, because then even if I'm busy I know they've gone out when I wanted them to. I also add labels/tags. Sometimes I'll go in again and edit something before the post goes live.
  8. The posting and linking - the post has gone up! Now it's time to link to it on social media so that people can find it. I do this quite a bit because otherwise I don't think anyone would ever read my posts.
  9. The paranoia - I'm always convinced I'll have written something that annoys, offends, and/or bores people. In short, I always worry that people won't like my posts, and by extension won't like me (depression/anxiety, you gotta love the way it f**ks with your head.) Even when people say they like the post, I assume they must be humouring me.
  10. The relief - eventually, I accept that the post is OK/might even be good. And then I start all over again with another post.

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  1. Yeah this is pretty accurate! Especially the paranoia part, but for me I'm always afraid that I've spelt or formatted something wrong and I've missed it. I hate posting and then having to go back and edit.

    1. Yeah, I'm forever checking what I've written for stupid mistakes :). I hate hate hate lining images up though! *shudders*

  2. Oh yes! Some people would very well marvel at all the hard work that actually gets put into a blog post. I find that the rereading is the part I like the least... and tend to skip over. I hope I don't end up bothering my readers with too many silly little mistakes! xD

    1. well, I've not noticed many mistakes in your posts, so you must be doing ok ;)


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