Thursday 14 April 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Little Frayed Around the Edge

Film Trailers



And if that weren't enough? We have the first teaser for Doctor Strange!

I'm a big fan of the sorcerer supreme, but it has to be handled right... or it just becomes really naff.

First impressions are good though folks!

And Benedict Cumberbatch! With what is apparently a plausible American accent! Yay!

For you DC fans, and those of us who keep being tempted further into DC's tricksy hold, there was the Official Blitz Trailer for Suicide Squad.

Man, does this film look good :)

Jared Leto's laugh is so creepy though! So very, very, creepy!

Graphic Novels

This week, I reviewed Paper Girls Volume 1 (UK - US) - a graphic novel that I thought I wouldn't like, and was proved spectacularly wrong.

It rocks. You can see my review of it here.

I also read two graphic novels this week - both awesome, and pretty much the polar opposites of each other.

I Hate Fairyland Volume 1: Madly Ever After (UK - US) is completely insane.

It's about a girl who gets stuck in fairyland, and 27 years later, is pretty damned pis*ed off about it. It was mental, and a loved it.

Blood Stain Volume 1 (UK - US) is about a young woman who can't keep a job, until she answers a weird job ad to be the assistant to a scientist...

Reviews of both I Hate Fairyland and Blood Stain will be with you sometime in the next two weeks.

Other Stuff

I wrote a blogpost about 'How Superhero TV Shows Are Leading the Way for Diversity.'

Jennifer Rummel at YABookNerd wrote a short and to-the-point review of Gotham Academy, Volume 1 (UK - US)
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