Friday 8 April 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - Loving the Loki

fanfictionWarning: I should probably not be allowed on giphy, where there are Hiddles/Loki gifs.

Now, if you've read my Friday posts before, you'll probably know I have a Loki obsession.

I make no apologies for this, and Loki will be here this week. I'm most definitely both one of Loki's Goddesses/Army, and a Hiddlestoner.

(Fangirl note: In case somehow you don't know, the Loki fandom is referred to as Loki's Goddesses and/or Loki's Army (as in: I have an army - of fangirls.)

The Tom Hiddleston fandom, which contains a lot of the same stalkers people, admittedly, but which is more focused on the actor than the character, is the Hiddlestoners - sometimes other names, like Tom's Goddesses, are used instead.

I think this is because fangirls have a bit of a megalomaniac streak high aspirations.

I unapologetically approve of the nuttiness of both. So many naked Tom gifs. So very many.)

So, any Loki fans among you will utterly adore this week's fic- and I just love that it's tagged on AO3 with 'so fluffy you could stuff a plushie with it.'

That's when you know it's gonna be good ;)

So, this Friday's piece of fanfiction, for your pleasure (but with no sex - for once,) is:
It's cute, it's funny, it's fluffy, there's a dash of angst, and Loki sleepwalks and ends up cuddling with various Avengers. It verges on crack in places, but in the cutest of ways.
(Fangirl note: Crack fiction is a fic that is so very random, that the only possible deduction is that the person who wrote it was on drugs.)
Honestly guys, you'll love it. I spoil you ;)

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