Saturday 9 April 2016

Mini-Review! - Play Hard by J T Fox

Play Hard book coverTitle: Play Hard

Author: J T Fox

Genre: LGBTQ+, Romance (m/m,)Short Stories, Contemporary

Series: Hot for Him (#1)

Amazon: UK - USA


18+ only

I picked this up for free on Kobo, because I have an addiction to free smut.

This is about two American football players who play for rival teams... and just happen to fancy the pants off each other (quite literally - this is a steamy romance dammit!)

I didn't understand a word of the American football stuff, but luckily it served as background more than plot.

Amongst all the naughty goings-on (which are mighty hot, might I add!) Jordan and Eric are dodging match-fixing scandals, helping out sports programmes, doing news interviews, and hiding in the closet so far that they can probably see Narnia!

The closet-thing is for their careers (the inference being that gay players will be dropped from the team.) But they just can't seem to keep their hands off each other...

And all this in just over 50 pages!

Seriously, this is quick and breathless and damned hot. Luckily there are plenty of references to showers, so you can cool down.

There's also actual relationship stuff: will-they-won't-they moments and some feelings stuck in for good measure. So it's not just about the pretty faces ;)

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