Monday 11 April 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag

Thanks to Emily @ The Paperback Princess for tagging me. Check out her blog. It rocks.


Name: You lot don't need to know that. But you can call me Cee Arr. (Said like 'C. R.') ;)



My family call me Bear/Care Bear/Baby Bear/Little Bear, and even Bear-y. Because... family are just like that sometimes. (I moan, but I like it really.)

Birthday: Older than I look, younger than I feel

Star Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Ninja-warrior princess, obviously ;)


Hair Colour: Chestnut-ish with the odd strand of red, black, blonde, etc.

Hair Length: Long. Very long. It's been long since I was a dwt - wait, you don't understand that, it's Wenglish - since I was very little.

Eye Colour:

I actually have central heterochromia, which means that both of my eyes are two different colours.

The outside of my iris is a green-ish blue (or should that be blue-ish green?) but there's a circle of amber-brown around the centre of my pupil.

Best Feature: Umm... pass.

Braces: Nope

Piercings: Hell no - even the idea makes me shudder. I'm such a wimp ;')

Tattoos: No - I'm hugely needle-phobic and allergic to most inks. I can't see me getting a tattoo ending well.

Right or Left handed: Right handed.


Best Friend:

I don't know - a girl from down the street? And then there was the girl who ate crayons.

And then there was my first 'proper' best friend - because she was way smarter than the other idiot 6-year-olds. I was really picky as a kid ;)

Award: I used to get certificates for 'being so perfect' - I kid you not. They just ran out of excuses and kept giving me cr*p. Possibly because I could both say and spell 'certificate.'


I'm a British kid with an older brother. I was made to be football (soccer) goalie from the time I could stand. Our goal was the garden gate. It clanged every time the ball hit it.

And brothers? No qualms about kicking the ball at your head - hard.

Real Holiday:

I've never been further from Wales than England. Which shocks a lot of people... but I feel weird when I even go that far. I could never live outside Wales *shivers.*

My first holiday was probably either Paignton or Torquay - both of which are in Devon.


Film: I don't know! Why ask me these questions?!

TV Show: Nope, no clue.

Colour: Orange. It's bright and unexpected - like yours truly ;)



Pizza Hut. There is pizza. There is buffet. There are clearly labelled choices for vegetarians.


Shop: There's a Costa coffee me 'n' the BFF tend to frequent, so it'd have to be that.


Shoes: I've got a pair of marks & sparks boots that I wear to death. I've re-heeled them several times, and replaced the soles once. The heels need replacing again.


Feeling: Like I'm arguing with a questionnaire. A lot.

Single or Taken: Single. And that's fine by me.

Eating: I just ate a chocolate biscuit. Living la vida loca ;)

Thinking About: Lots of stuff - none of which is probably safe to share with you. I think I corrupt you lot enough as it is.

Watching: Futurama, actually. You gotta love a bit of Futurama.

Wearing: Clothes. I usually wear clothes.


Want Children? No. Not really.

Want to be Married: Nope.

Careers in Mind: Author, poet, blogger, magical unicorn, aeroplane: y'know, the usual.

Where you want to live: Wales. Always and forever. Near my family. Like, next door if possible.

Do You Believe In... 

(Quick note here: If you're easily offended, you may want to skip this section. These are my own beliefs, and they're not intended to offend/upset anyone.)


Urm... difficult one...


Oh you're still here? Ok, I'm not saying no, but not saying yes either.

Miracles: Depends what you count as a miracle. Coincidences/the universe moving itself into place? Yes.

Love at First Sight:

Not impossible - just hugely improbable. Apart from with animals.

Me and my boy-cat had an insta-love moment the first time I met him at the shelter.

Ghosts: Definitely.

Aliens: Again, not impossible. But I don't think they'd ever reach here.

Soul mates:

Depends in what context. I think people tend to use it as an excuse for some damn creepy/unhealthily obsessive relationships. But then some people are really cute with it.

And of course, it's totally possible that both of you come to the conclusion that you're going to track down the other's soul throughout all of their incarnations in order to protect them throughout time :)

(Ok, you're all looking at me weird now... LOOK! A DISTRACTION!)

Heaven: Urm... I think that whatever there is, or is not, will exist, or not, whether, or not, I believe it exists, or not. ;)


I hope not. For many reasons:

A) if there is, let's face it, I'm going there.

B) I like to think if there is a God, then he's not a jerk, and wouldn't be so vindictive.

C) the poor devil gets all the shaming when he's only doing God's dirty work.

D) I don't wanna go to heaven (if it exists) if there's a system in place that allows people to go to Hell. I'm officially that stubborn.

Kissing on the first date: Depends how you both feel!

Yourself: Urm... where's that distraction when I need it? ;)

Thanks for tagging me Emily, I'm going to tag these lovely folks (no, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.) Check out their blogs.

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  1. Lol I loved your answers! I'm sure we all aspire to be a magical unicorn sometimes! And I didn't know you were a ninja warrior princess?! That's so cool :D

    1. Of course I'm a ninja warrior princess... lol! And yes, as said ninja warrior princess, I am often envious of the magical unicorns ;)

  2. You want to become an aeroplane. XD You must really like your family to want to live next door to them. I can't even imagine living in the same state as mine. I like them, but I need space and to be independent.

    1. Yeah, I'm really close to my family. Except my brother, who I love but is, at the end of the day, irritating in the way reserved for brothers - but luckily he lives on the other side of town with his wife.

      And of course I can be an aeroplane ;)

  3. My favourite colour is orange too! Although the sunset kind of orange that you get. Oh, and I never had any brothers but it made me laugh when I read about how they have no qualms with kicking the ball at your head hard. I hope your head has survived after all those years! Thanks for the tag <3

    1. My head is still on my shoulders so I assume it's fine (ish) ;)


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