Sunday 10 April 2016

Nerd Church - Millennials Are Gonna Get There... Somehow

Life is hard for us millenials

Life is difficult. And everyone seems determined to convince we of the millennial breed that we're lazy, ungrateful, little so-and-so's.

It's not ungrateful to want to work for a fair wage.

It's not ungrateful to want good working conditions and some dignity.

It's not ungrateful for us to want something better than working our ever-loving butts off just to live at a basic level of existence.

It's not ungrateful for us to want a future - a home that we can actually own one day, the prospect of something better, and the hope that one day we may even be able to retire.

(Ha, yeah, that's gonna happen! I'm going to drop dead at the age of 100, still trying to meet a deadline so I can pay the rent. Yay.)
In no way is it ungrateful to want to be happy.

So it doesn't matter what the generations that came before us think - they're not exactly winning prizes for what they've done to this world.

Maybe... maybe this is our chance to make things better? Somehow?

To stop this merry-go-round before our children (provided we have any) are forced to fight it out in the arena for the glory of their Districts? Maybe?

Breaking the mould

Don't be afraid to take the path less travelled guys - no matter how scary it may be.

After a looooong story which involves some gut convulsions (as fun as they sound!) I ended up not going to university.
And yes, the road I've found myself on in the years since is hard - financially and emotionally - but I am so glad that my life is on the path that it is.
Because it's a path I chose for myself, albeit as a reaction to circumstances.
So keep going guys - because the way we millennials are going to leave our mark on this world?
By being the generation that kept going. And never gave up.

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  1. GREAT post Cee! I know the feeling of being called ungrateful because I want to look for a better job and not settle for something I'm not happy with but will "pay the bills" when I'm older. It's a struggle to get people to listen sometimes.

    1. Thanks! :) Yes! We shouldn't be looked at as ungrateful because we can see the cr*ppiness of a situation!


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