Thursday 5 May 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Run Neon Tiger

Film Trailers

A couple of X-Men: Apocalypse teasers/TV ads/whatever you want to call them for you - because clearly nerd-dom wasn't riled up enough about superheroes this month already ;)

Graphic Novels

This week, I read Klaw: The First Cycle (UK - US)  - a pretty unique take on shape-shifters and the Chinese zodiac, with some superhero-origin-story action creeping in as well.

It was pretty cool - not earth-shattering, but interesting and readable.

A full review will be up in a month or so (I know, I'm cruel, making you wait :P .)

Other Stuff

I read this short review of Gotham Academy Vol 2 (UK - US) from Magdalena @ A Bookish Swede, which reminded me that I need to get my hands on this series at some point.

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