Friday 6 May 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - In a Club With You In 1973

OK! Let's talk DC's Legends of Tomorrow! The show cobbled together from odd pieces of other shows that somehow works!


Though the fandom is young, and the potential plot-holes many, there is Legends fanfiction out there already, just waiting to be discovered!

(Yes, I have had coffee. No, we're not going to make a big deal about it.)

Of course, Dr Who comparisons abound. Not least because the leader of this motley gang of spin-off characters is a 'Time Master,' played by Arthur Darvill (more commonly known as 'y'know, Rory off of Dr Who?')

Turns out the character of Rip Hunter, he of the Time Master fame, pre-dates Dr Who.

I know, this requires some serious nerdish thought - is Legends being accused of being a rip-off of a show that ripped it off over 50 years ago?! Mind = Blown!

Also, Rip Hunter rocks quite a lot. Captain Rip Hunter, that is.

But anyway, this week's fanfiction takes the whole Dr Who comparisons thing, and runs the hell away with it, by making a 'crack' origin story for Legends.
(Fangirling note: 'Crack' fanfiction is fanfiction that is so very random and bizarre, that the author must've been on some sort of mind-altering substances when they came up with it.
Like, even more than normal fanfiction.)
Basically, in this version, Rip is Rory. Which would kind of give the whole obsession with rescuing his wife thing a whole new meaning.



This week's fanfiction, my dear nerdlets, then, is:
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! (Cue cheesy salesman's grin.)
Because I feel it deserves an honourable mention for the White Canary taking a knife into the shower, and because I spoil you, I will also refer you to:
Don't say I never do anything for you ;)

Also - that is yet another week without any explicit sex! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE!!!!!

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