Sunday 10 July 2016

Nerd Church - We Are All People

I wish this wasn't a post I had to keep writing. Because I have written it. I have written it again and again.

Until things are better, while there is still so very clearly a need for it, I will write these posts speaking out against hatred.

I guess it's just the sort of person I am (can't keep my mouth shut for two minutes, me.)

Let me tell you something that you should've been told by now:

We are all people!

Regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, religion, or any other thing you care to name, WE ARE ALL PEOPLE.

Sure, we have differences; but differences are awesome! It's what makes life so intricate and beautiful. Why can't everyone see that?

Now, I'm not American - the very fact that so many police officers are armed out there in the US is extremely weird to me, because most police officers in the UK aren't armed; probably because there aren't actually all that many guns in public hands either.

The thought that someone can be shot and killed by someone who is supposed to be protecting them (that's what the police are there for, isn't it?) is both bewildering and disgusting to me.

The fact that people's skin colour makes them a target actually makes me feel physically ill.

But hate is not just a US problem. The amount of hate we've seen in the UK since the EU referendum is truly sickening.

People are regularly facing racial abuse on the streets. A Polish family in Plymouth have faced arson.


I would've thought that that was obvious, but apparently not to everyone, so I'll keep saying it, until the day when I don't have to say it any more.

Who knows? Maybe that day will actually come... someday.

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  1. Hopefully that day will come. But by the looks of where things seem to be going, I think politicians need to realize that it's going to take a lot more than "thoughts and prayers" to fix this problem

    1. Not acting like jerks would be a start. Acting like grown-ups would also be very helpful!

  2. I wish more people could read this and wake up. It's horrible seeing police officers shooting people who they should be protecting. It's horrible seeing the attitude of people toward the migrants at the moment in the UK. So much hate that at times it just makes me despair.

    1. Don't despair! *Hugs Liv* I know, it feels like the world is full of hate and bad stuff, but the way to solve that is by being your loving wonderful self :)


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