Saturday 9 July 2016

Review Time! - Thor: Dueling With Giants by Keith R A DeCandido

Title: Thor: Dueling With Giants

Author: Keith R A DeCandido

Genre: Kids, Fantasy, Media Tie-In

Series: Tales of Asgard Trilogy (#1)

Amazon: UK - USA

A few starting notes:

I received a free digital review copy of this book via NetGalley. NetGalley provides review copies from publishers in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

This novel is a media tie-in to Marvel's Thor, but it's based more on the comics than on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU.)

Now, that doesn't mean there's huge differences between the Thor of the film and the Thor we find here, but there are differences - it's widely accepted that Loki's adopted, and Frigga is not Thor's biological mother, to name a few.


Loki is bored. Which of course spells mischief for Asgard and The Mighty Thor.

Prepare for frost-giants, trolls, and a bunch of fighting.

Best bits:

This is one of those books for when you just want some derring-do and stabby action.

(And who doesn't want some stabby action occasionally?)

Loki manages to steal the show (again!) and add just a dash of emotional heartache/feels parental-wise (again!)

This is a skill that Loki has.

This book may be handy for tempting the reluctant aged-9-or-10-plus reader (especially boys, given that it can often be a struggle to get them to read) into reading.

Because we all know that the little monsters angels like some stabby action adventure.

And 10 year old me was a stabby-books kinda gal. I would've loved this book as a kid.

LOOK AT HIS MAJESTIC PLASTIC COUNTENANCE MORTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Note to self: less coffee.)

Not so great bits:

In places, the level of language and vocabulary felt maybe a little advanced for the target audience.

I think maybe the author struggled with the balance between a formal Asgardian dialect, and the audience, and while it's largely OK, it does slip in places.

Also - the women in this book? Either saintly mothers, and a stand in for damsels-in-distress when needed, or Sif - who is essentially 'one of the boys' and resents any reference to her being, y'know, (*whispers*) female.

While I understand that Norse mythology (where all the Asgard Marvel stuff essentially stems from) isn't exactly resplendent with complex female characters, I would've liked gender stereotypes to be just a little less rigid here.

And, of course, some parents will never be OK with violence and battles and the like (though the kids will love it!)


I would've liked more Loki and less gender stereotypes, but I can't lie (unlike a certain trickster,): I enjoyed the hell out of this book!

(Yay stabby-ness!)

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  1. Heh, it might be nice to have some well represented female characters in here... but oh well. I LOVE Lokie and I LOVE me some good action, so basically the idea of this one including all of that appeals to me.

    1. I would've liked more Loki, but then his name would've been in the title instead of Thor's :) He makes his mark - as usual.

      And yeah, this was a totally self-indulgent read :) sometimes you just need some derring-do and stabbiness :)


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