Monday 29 August 2016

Charity Reading Challenge Update - August 2016

I can update this challenge! ;) Woo!

Host: Becky's Book Reviews
Duration: January 2016-December 2016

The Challenge:

'Read for a good cause!

Buy books at a charity shop, or, even a friends of the library book sale, or, donate a certain percentage of money for each book you read for the challenge.

You can choose your own goal of how many books to read, what charity you'll be donating money towards, how much money, etc.'

The full rules can be found on Becky's Book Reviews here.

My sign-up post can be read here.

August 2016

Number of books read so far: 2/10* (*total revised down to 10 from 20 - because I just wasn't going to make 20!)

This Month: 1

Title: Vertigo's First Offenses (UK - US)

Price: £3.99

Charity Helped:

Oxfam - an excellent charity which is dedicated to the eradication of extreme poverty, providing emergency aid to those in need, and a brighter future for all.

Check out their website @

Oxfam also help with poverty in the UK.

You can shop with Oxfam on the high street, or online here.

You can also donate directly here.

My Thoughts on the Book:

This is more an anthology of single issues than a graphic novel.
It contains 5 series starters from Vertigo's versatile range of devil-may-care comics:
  • The Invisibles #1
  • Fables #1
  • Preacher #1
  • Sandman Mystery Theatre #1
  • Lucifer #1

    My favourites were Preacher #1 and Lucifer #1. Both are kind of based in subverted religious iconography - so I really don't know what that says about me!

    They were pretty good though, all in all.

    Total money raised for various causes: £4.24

    Charities Helped: Fund for a local child, and Oxfam.

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    1. What a great challenge!! Keep it up Cee! :)

    2. I actually really love the idea of the idea of this challenge! Buying from charity shops can only be a good thing as you are supporting charity while still doing what you love - reading!

    3. Oh this is such a cool idea for a challenge!! I buy books second hand at charity-shops and library sales aaall the time. It's such a good way to get books. :')


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