Friday 12 August 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Pure Comfort (With Some Randomness)

If you are a) a human bean and b) old enough to use the computer by yourself, then at some point in your life you will've had the misfortune of having a cold.

(If you're not old enough to use the computer by yourself  then you're definitely too young to read fanfiction. RUN.)

So, this week I've had the misfortune of having a horrible cold - you know the kind that feels like about a hundred hangovers? Yeah, all the pain with none of the fun of doing the actual drinking.

(I blame all the blogging, reading, troll-hunting, and ninja-assassin-princess-ing I was doing last week.

Exhaustion let's viruses in the back-door while the guards are snoozing or relieving themselves around a corner someplace.)

Luckily, when life hands you sh*tty colds, fandom hands you a sick fic.

As I've mentioned before, sick fics are basically pure comfort. They're essentially the fangirling equivalent of a teddy bear and a cup of hot chocolate in front of your favourite film.

Sick fics are when one character in the fanfiction is ill, and basically has to be looked after and waited on hand-and-foot (usually by a hunky dude. See? Perfect wish-fulfilment.)

(Why do fictional characters get all the hunky nurse-maids? Not fair!)

This sick-fic is a leeettle bit different though ;)

There's still the self-indulgence of a sick fic, but there's also a bunch of superhero-ing and magic gone awry!

And there's a Loki/Avengers love-triangle. Which is awesome, because it is a) awkward and b) well done.

And this definitely verges on crack everywhere in places.

(Fangirling note:

'Crack fics' are pieces of fanfiction with an element of randomness. As in, 'Man, were you on crack?' or 'You'd have to be on crack to come up with that,' or 'Dude, how much crack did you take before writing this?')

Fear not non-fans of crack! There's enough other stuff going on here for you too (and it's actually funny, unlike a lot of crack, which is just disturbing.)

This week's fic then, is:
The Loki Problem by elizamechanicka

...In which Loki catches a cold, his magic goes mental, and chaos ensues.

There's also much swearing, and a bunch of references to sexy-times.

And dude, it made me feel so much better. (Cos my cold's never turned anyone into a guinea pig #Brightside.)

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