Friday 23 September 2016

Friday Fics Fix - I'm On Fire

I love the way fanfiction can take an 'incidental' character, and run with it.

True, this is seen most extensively in the Harry Potter fandom - but other fandoms get in on the act too.

This week, my dearest nerdlets, I've picked a fic from the X-men fandom.

Now, X-men - over all media - has a giganormous (yes, it's totally a word dammit!) cast of characters, and yes, this series, more than many others, gives the supporting characters a chance to go 'hey look at me!'

But the movies have struggled, on and off, with the multi-narrative that decades of X-men comics have still only scratched the surface of.

Cee, this is soundin' kinda deep for Fics Fix!

Ah, yes, my nerdlets - but it's part of the wonderful paradox that is life, that the things that seem superficial are the things with the deepest of hidden depths! (Sorry, I'll try to sound less like a lecture from here-on out.)

Anyhow - let me explain a little more about this week's fic:

This week's fic, my dearest nerdlets, is about Pyro.

Who's Pyro? Well, he was actually in X2 and 3 (no, really.) He's the fire dude. Don't remember him? Still? Trust me, he's the fire dude.

And what I actually totally, completely, loved was the way the fic author here has taken the character... and added something so completely unexpected, but so insightful, and so perfect that it's hard not to be impressed.

(Oops, that was a bit lecture-y again!)

Because the Pyro in this story? People think he controls the fire. But the fire controls him.

This week's fic then, is:

Voices in the Fire by Hiril Moon

And yes, the spelling and grammar is a little so-so in places, but this is fanfiction guys!

Enjoy, and check back for more fanfiction goodies next week!

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