Tuesday 25 October 2016

5 Spoopy Book-To-Film Adaptations For Halloween

Hello dearest nerdlets! Halloween is coming up (which, if you've spent 5 minutes on social media lately, you've probably noticed,) so I decided to give you a little list of 5 book-to-film adaptations in the Halloween-y spirit!

1. The Crow

The adaptation of James O'Barr's amazing graphic novel is a) violent and b) awesome. Not for kids, this is... rough... but is still, most definitely, worth the watch.

Brandon Lee played the title role of Eric Draven, and, infamously, was sadly killed on set by a freak set of circumstances which resulted in live ammo being used. He was amazing in this film.

Amazon: UK - US

2. Secret Window

This comes from a Stephen King short story/novella-type-thing called Secret Window, Secret Garden, and stars Johnny Depp.

Book nerds will especially love this one (yes guys, I know my audience dammit!) because it follows a writer, and deals with imagination, the power of stories, and characters/plot.

The denouement (fancy words!) is different in the short story - but, to be honest, I love both (but did find it ironic that a plot obsessed with story endings changed the ending of the story.)

Amazon: UK - US

3. Harry Potter (series)

Yes, this counts! There are witches and wizards and sh**!

And not everyone wants things to be too scary on Halloween - so, to them, I give the notion of a Harry Potter marathon. My gift to you. ;)

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4. Interview With The Vampire

My friends, Lestat started my love affair with all things vamp, and to that I will always thank this film (which I saw before I read the book! Shocking! But I actually do that a lot.)

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt playing two exceptionally sexy vampires - truly, what more could you want?

And yes, the queer aspects of the story are toned down - but there is no denying* the homoeroticism here. (Fans self.)

*although, someone I went to school with did think they were 'just being friendly' - because, y'know, we all stroke our friends' faces lovingly and breathe lustily in their faces every now and then. (Eye rolls.)

Amazon: UK - US

5. Constantine

The Bestie would kill me if this wasn't on the list.

Therefore I give in to the higher power that is my friend's wrath, and give you this comic-book-based tale of hell and damnation. Plus Keanu Reeves. #JobDone.

Oh, and I've actually reviewed this! (I really need to do more bookish film reviews... I just keep forgetting!) You can check out that review here.

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  1. I watch Harry Potter every Halloween, then again I watch Harry Potter all year around. I still have to watch Interview with a Vampire, it seems so good!

    1. Interview With The Vampire is awesome! I don't know about Canada, but it's rated as an 18 here. Therefore, unless it's rated lower there, I can't encourage you to watch it until you're old enough ;)

  2. How long has the word "spoopy" been around? I only remember seeing it in 2016 lol. I love it.

    The only one in this list that I've read is Interview With The Vampire. Love the movie and book! But I hate Louis...

    1. I have no idea - but I think Tumblr's been using it a while, and The Bestie's been using it for a few years so I've just sort of acquired it, lol.

      Love Interview With the Vampire sooooooo much - I don't hate Louis, but he def. whines a lot. And watching the film I was like - just kiss already!!!!

  3. I actually haven't watched any of these excepting one! I've seen two of the Harry Potter movies so far :3 Oh, and this is the second time someone is recommending Interview with a Vampire. Someone in my class did the other day and I was unsure about it from the title but the cast and the plot sounds pretty intriguing actually!

    1. Interview with the Vampire is awesome - moody and gothickyness everywhere! :)


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