Sunday 23 October 2016

Nerd Church - Taking Responsibility

Dearest Nerdlets, can I tell you something? The human race needs to take more responsibility for it's actions.

Both on an individual and a collective level, we suck at fessing up, and fixing our mistakes. Worse than that, sometimes we sneak away from doing the responsible thing to prevent the mistakes to begin with.

And companies? Companies need to have ethics policies on EVERYTHING. The bigger the company, the more ethics policies they should make, because they have an even larger impact on people's lives.

Not only that, but those policies need to be enforced. And people who go against them need to be punished - even if it's only the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Now, I know it's not popular in some quarters (i.e. rich business people,) to insist on corporate responsibility. But if your actions are affecting others, you have a duty to keep that cr*p from hurting people.

My friends, if you are polluting, then you have a duty to minimise your environmental impact. If you are making it difficult for local businesses, you have a duty to assist the community. If you are f**king up people's lives with your banking crises, you have a duty to help relieve hunger, poverty, homelessness, etc.

Sorry, but you did the thing. Now fix it.

Because if you don't take responsibility? Let me tell you a story.

On the 21st October 1966, a coal-spoils-tip fell on the village of Aberfan. It crushed the school. It killed 116 children, and 28 adults.

Despite the fact that the inquiry came to the conclusion that the fault for the disaster lay completely with the National Coal Board (and listed several individuals whose neglect was especially catastrophic,) no-one was prosecuted. More than that, no one was sacked, and no one faced discipline within the company.

That, my friends, is what can happen when companies matter more than lives. 116 children. 28 adults.

If your actions affect people, you own that sh**.

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  1. Completely agree. However some people find it easier to blame others for their mistakes rather than own up to it.

    1. As humans we do seem to love the idea and thought that we aren't responsible for our actions and love to turn the other cheek and look away from things. It really shouldn't be like that at all. So I'm glad you brought this up and to the forefront. We should take more responsibility for all the things we do!


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