Friday 21 October 2016

Friday Fics Fix - And Hit The Party With A Gas Can

I have another Halloween fic for you! And it's still 'clean!' No pumpkin-sex anywhere!!!! I win fanfiction!!!!!!!

(Yes. There was coffee. It's cold here. Don't judge me.)

I should've known that, to find a fun li'l Halloween story, all I needed was some FrostIron :)

(OF COURSE I'm obsessed - I'm a fangirl!)

(Fangirling note: FrostIron is the name of an imagined romantic and/or sexual relationship between Tony Stark and Loki. If you didn't know that before, then you must be new here ;P )

What I really like about this one is the nerdy references, which border on fourth-wall breaking in places.

(And I'm such a nerd - I love me some references and fourth-wall breaking ;P )

So, this whole fic is based around a Halloween party, and Tony running around in a Batman costume.

It's short, it's sweet, it's a lotta fun :)

Here it is then, this week's fic:

I'm Batman by Batfink

'Batfink' sounds familiar... I might've reccd. something by them before...

I have no idea, my brain is a coffee-soaked sieve. Of course, I read a lot of fics that I don't rec to you - so that could've been it too. ;)

Anyhow, enjoy, and I'll have more fanfiction-y-ness for you next week!

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