Sunday 9 October 2016

Nerd Church - No Future

Poverty. Inequality. Racism.

This is what our Prime Minister is advocating, though she covers it over with a smokescreen of faux-reasonability.

By claiming that Britain will be a meritocracy, what she is actually saying is that those who grow up without the advantages of connections, financial stability, and the best education money can buy, will not be supported by their government.

She is saying that if we are unable to get on in life, it is our fault, and not the fault of a warped system that still cares more about who your father was and what your postcode is, than your actual potential.

She is advocating an 'in it for yourself' attitude. She is suggesting there are no barriers in British society to those from poorer backgrounds, when this is blatantly untrue.

She may talk prettily about supporting hard-working people, but what she has actually done is throw us all under the bus.

And somehow she has the cheek to come out with policies which actively discriminate against non-British-citizens, including our doctors and medical staff.

Yep, our doctors. The people who actually do things like... oh, I don't know... SAVING LIVES.

Mrs May, this is what you have done in your short time in office: you have screwed us over and then smiled smugly while telling us to be grateful.

I have only one word for you, Mrs May, the worst insult a Welsh woman could possibly give - and I'm sorry it's come to using such language:

Mrs May, you are THATCHER.

Nerd Church is a weekly post where I try to make this world better and end up very frustrated! I'll try to be less political next week - but no promises!

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  1. Ugh, politics all over the world are so so screwed up at the moment. :/ I'm sorry we're all experiencing these warped politicians and they're deluded ideals. I don't know much about Britian's prime minster and politics atm, but I'm kind of worried about the Americans and really annoyed with what Australia is doing. :/

    1. I have no idea what Australia are doing - but TOTALLY agree with what you're saying about America. It's like, dudes - you let this guy be a candidate?

      I do know that that chick you had in Australia before the dude you have now was originally Welsh - because the local news will hunt down Welsh connections to the ends of the Earth, and stick them in our face wherever possible ;)

  2. Yikes. I'm so out of the loop with British politics obviously but she does not seem like a lovely woman.

    1. No. No she is not. But then, she's a Tory, so being 'lovely' was always going to be a bit of a stretch ;)

      I would have settled for 'not a complete b*tch' in honesty. But she's just Thatcher all over again.

  3. I'm so out of touch with British politics rn, I had to Google up who the PM was when you mentioned 'she' - I thought David Cameron was still PM... >.< WELL THEN here is evidence of my hermit lifestyle.
    Politics just seems so intense right now...with all these different policies - some of which make sense and others are just complete bollocks. -sighs-

    1. Don't worry, I think a lot of people in our country don't know who the PM is either! And yes. Totally *sigh*

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  4. This is eerily close to what the American politics look like at the state level. :(
    Of course someone in power would be blind to the fact that people of lower socio-economic status have more barriers to success than those who have more privilege. Ugh! I need to read up more on the new PM.

    1. That is essentially a description of the Tory party - they are rich toffs, and think if you aren't, it must be your fault. Mrs May is actually from a more humble background than most - she only went to a private school for a brief period. Most of the Tories went to Eton or Harrow - though she obv. couldn't get into these, b/c they're boys' schools.

      She went to Oxford though - which is well-known for having a poor record when it comes to taking in kids from a poorer background, or kids from a non-white background (although there's more non-white kids than poor kids there.)

      Our main opposition party - Labour - is currently unelectable b/c their leader's lost all credibility.

      Luckily, we still have Labour in the Welsh Assembly, which means that a lot of the measures for education etc. that Mrs May wants to bring in are not in affect here.

      Sorry, I've gone off on one again! :) <3


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