Saturday 8 October 2016

#OneNiceThing - 13 Ways To Make The World A Better Place Without Spending A Penny

In honour of fantabulous YA author Juno Dawson's #OneNiceThing effort to defeat the bad stuff going around (and Theresa May,) with kindness, by doing at least one nice thing per day, I decided to write a short list of ways you can make the world a better place without spending any money whatsoever!

(Of course, there are also many things you can do by spending minimal amounts, but I wanted to concentrate on a handful of completely free stuff here.)

  1. Say please and thank you. Say sorry when necessary.
  2. Use social media for good, not evil - like, RT, share, etc. things which you support: authors, charities, bloggers, or just friends.
  3. Help people out - offer to carry things, hold doors open, let pedestrians cross the road when you're out driving.
  4. Hug your family, friends, and pets!
  5. Play games on FreeRice to earn rice for the World Food Programme via advertiser's fees.
  6. Say something nice - compliment your friend's clothes, leave a nice online comment, etc.
  7. Find a petition on that means something to you, and sign it!
  8. Support Amnesty International's campaigns by signing petitions and taking action to protect human rights.
  9. Don't litter - put your rubbish in a bin, & recycle where possible.
  10. Send your old and broken jewellery to be recycled for charity. Two great UK charities which do this (via FREEPOST addresses) are: The Alzheimer's Society, and Parkinson's UK. A lot of smaller, rather than larger, charities tend to do this, so try Googling to find great causes.
  11. Send your old Inkjet cartridges to be recycled for charity. Loads of charities do this. And most are more than happy to provide FREEPOST labels or bags.
  12. Donate things you no longer want to charity shops or fundraising sales - and yes, this includes books you'll never read again ;)
  13. And, and this one is the Golden Rule - the one which, if you follow it, you can't go far wrong with: DON'T. ACT. LIKE. A. JERK! ;)

So what are you waiting for? Go do #OneNiceThing.


  1. This was so lovely Cee! Especially the ones about recycling old things for charity, my town can relate to that because we donate our empty milk bags (yes, Canadian's have bagged milk!) to the local church and they weave them into mats that people in third world countries can sleep on. It's such a great way of reusing something that everyone usually just throws out, but it's also better for the environment as well!

    1. Bagged milk... Bagged milk. Bagged. Milk... Yeah, still not making the least bit of sense to me ;) why would you bag milk? Doesn't that make it really difficult to pour...?

      So, anyway, ignoring my blown mind - that's really cool :) it's so awesome your town does stuff like that :)

    2. It doesn't I swear!! You put it in a holder and snip the edge and it pours just fine! Not as weird as it seems I promise :)

    3. Well, I don't think it's possible for it to be as weird as it seems, so I'll believe you - thousands wouldn't ;)

  2. Cee Arr, I LOVE your blog. You're so consistently creative and always talking about something new and interesting. I don't know how you do it!

    1. That is such a nice thing to say that I might actually cry :') <3 <3 <3

      Thanks SOOOOOO much Naz XD <3 <3 <3 (For the record, I stalk your blog with an unhealthy obsession - it's awesome, Naz. You rock, and I'm always jealous of your rocking-ness <3 <3 )

  3. There are plenty of small things all of us can do, and I love that you;ve thought of some lovely ones. I think a smile and polite manners can go a long way! Especially hugs and words of affection. Gotta love those <3


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