Sunday 18 December 2016

Nerd Church - Let's Hope It's a Good One

2016 has been a global dumpster fire.

I mean, there's usually some element of dumpster fire in a year but... well, you guys were there. You saw it. 2016 was something else, yeah?

But every cloud has a silver lining - even a cloud as laden with metaphorical rain as 2016.

There were good things in 2016 - if only on a personal level.

Yours truly had some good personal stuff: this blog, coming out, having less bad depression days than I have in years.

All of these things mean that - for me at least - 2016 wasn't a complete waste of space.

But let's not kid ourselves - the world is sh**ty right now.

But the ones who win, my nerdlets, are the ones who never give up.

Love and truth and hope can win - it's going to be a hard job, which is why we need to all take a little piece of it for ourselves, spreading the work around.

My nerdlets - there is hope. There are amazing people in this world. There is beauty and love. Hold onto that.

2017 is going to be a fight against hatred and bigotry, but it's a fight that people who love and care and want the world to be a better place can win. One tiny piece at a time.

I love you all. And I and so many people out there are going to do our best to whoop 2017's butt into shape.

It won't be as cr*ppy as 2016. We won't let it be.

Take care of each other, and go be your beautiful, amazing, selves.

Nerd Church will be back on 8th January 2017


  1. I agree with this post in every way possible. Yes 2016 sucked, but it's up to us to work to make 2017 better. I think it would also be helpful for people to start sharing the positive aspects of 2016, to focus on the positives. For me, it was seeing my favourite band in concert! And you said a lot of great things too! Good things can happen :)

    1. Thank you :)

      It's a hard road ahead - but we have to take it!

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  3. Thanks so much for this simple, yet AWESOME post. Around the world, this year has been a wild ride, and has been devastating for a lot of people. I completely agree, I think that we should all work even harder to make 2017 a year of hope!
    Kate @Read and Dream

  4. I hope you will enjoy Christmas and the holiday! Especially taking a little time to yourself to celebrate and spend it with friends and family. It's been a rough year... and even though there have been some highlights, there have some been down times as well. Here's to 2017 being a little bit more lovely...

  5. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Cee Arr. This is just the kind of positivity we need at the end of such a challenging year.

    1. Well thanks very much for such a lovely comment! :)

  6. So much yess!!! Thanks for inspiring hope in me today, Cee Arr. :)


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