Tuesday 13 December 2016

The Happiness Tag

(Flashing Images warning: The gifs used in this post flash quite a lot and may cause problems for those with photosensitive medical conditions such as epilepsy and migraines.)

The lovely Emily @ The Paperback Princess tagged me for the happiness tag back in August, and now I've gotten around to actually doing the post (woo!) ;)

5 Things that Make you Happy 

Books - I'm stealing this one off Emily, because I totally agree. BOOOOOOKKKKSSS!!!!!!! ;)

Kitties! - My kitties are little furbabies with much the love and I love them all the way to the moon and back on account of cuteness and fluffiness and little noses, pawses, and whiskerses ;)


The Bestie - I have the bestest bestie :)

My family - yes I have some relatives who are better loved from a distance, but my parents in particular are the best.

Reality TV - I know, it's bad. But that's what makes it so good. Honestly, Judge Judy has probably indirectly saved my life more than once. You can laugh at that or dismiss it if you want to, but it's true.

5 Songs that Make you Happy 

My musical tastes tend towards the emo punk-rock side of life. As a teen, I was a small nerd who loved My Chem and Green Day - luckily, there were quite a few of us.

Every Snowflake's Different (Just Like You) by My Chemical Romance - I AM A UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE DAMMIT!!!!!

Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At the Disco - AND LOVE IS NOT A CHOOOIIICCCCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Murder by AFI - OK, so it's not exactly a cheery song... but dude, I love the shouting-up-to-the-heavens-ness of AFI, and it always makes me smile.

I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy - Because f**k the haters!

The Bird and the Worm by The Used - because it's awesome-sauce.

Cheery, no? ;)

5 Bloggers that Make you Happy 

ONLY 5?!?! Argh, if I don't mention you, I still love you - promise!!!!! I do!!!!

Emily @ The Paperback Princess - because she's amazing and I wish I was that talented as a teenager.

Ely @ Tea & Titles - because we have the same sort of sense of bizarre humour and obsession with Wales, and because she's so passionate about disability representation.

Naz @ Read Diverse Books - for being a constant inspiration, a pain in the TBR, and a force for good in the world.

Olivia-Savannah @ Olivia's Catastrophe - for being fun, entertaining, and someone who's gonna go a long way :)

Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review - for being fun, bubbly, and awesome.

Not tagging anyone for this - do it if you want to! ;)

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  1. What a lovely tag! I am so going to do this one because I need a little positivity right now. And I totally understand about the Judge Judy thing because I still feel a special sort of love for the Octonauts, which is a children's show, because it was there for me during some tough times a few years ago.

    Apparently we had the same taste in music as teenagers! MCR was my first concert even. Do you by any chance also listen to Say Anything? I love their music.

    1. I haven't heard Say Anything - I'll have to look them up!

      My first concert was FOB, which I've now seen 3 times, and last month I completed the holy trinity set with P!ATD (managed to see MCR on their very last tour before the split!)

      Hell, if the Octonauts works for you then go for it! (Also, my mother watches more cartoons than I do - she says she never plans to grow up) ;)

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  3. Talented??? What do you mean by talented??? Honestly that is the nicest compliment I have ever received because I've always thought I had no talent. So really, thank you so much Cee! This post made me happy :)

    1. Of course talented! Your reviewing and writing style is amazing, and you have such a friendly and confident tone (yes, you come across confidently in your writing - no, you don't sound arrogant.) Don't EVER think you have no talent!

      And I'm glad this post made you happy! Your comment made me happy :)

    2. That's so nice of you to say and really made me validate that I'm doing things alright. :) <3

  4. Love the tag! It's always good to remind yourself of the things that make you happy. Of course, BOOKS is one we both have in common. But my family also makes me happy, and I love how happy you and your kitty look together. And thanks so much for your sweet words, girl <3 I have to admit, your one of my favourite five bloggers too, especially as you have such deep thoughts about meaningful subjects and aren't afraid to share them ^.^

    1. That's such a lovely comment! :) <3 <3 <3

      My cats are awesome, and that picture was taken on one of the many occasions where my boy-cat tries to 'help' with blogging - and just ends up cuddling instead XD


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