Thursday 5 January 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Bumper Catch-Up Edition!

Since Comics Wrap-Up took a break over Christmas, this week's edition is a catch-up of my comics reading and all related stuff in the last couple of weeks :)

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Film Trailers

Here's an extended Batman TV spot for you all :)

(This film looks hilarious!)

Single Issues

I read a butt-load of short and preview comics to help prop up my Goodreads challenge total, so I'll just give you my three top picks.

(Trust me, these three are the ones worth mentioning!)

Heart of a Corpse: An Undead Engagement #1 (UK - US) and Bloody Dreadful #1 (UK - US) are two comics by creator Justin Sane.

Heart of a Corpse cover Bloody Dreadful cover

Both are fairly interesting, creepily executed, tales of Victorian Gothic horror. Heart of a Corpse actually plays out like a silent movie in silhouette - and was really moody and cool. :)

I enjoyed both, and they def. came as a pleasant surprise.

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Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 (UK - US) is the start of the whole Loki-as-a-teen series.

Loki, Agent of Asgard cover

(Fangirling note:

Loki is one of the most difficult Marvel characters to define because s/he spends periods of time as a child, a teenager, a woman, a man, and two people. In honesty, I've probably missed something out.

Just trust me. In this period of time, Loki = reincarnated teenager. Thor = adult. That's as basic as it's gonna get, so let's leave it there.

You can't sweat the small stuff in comics. Your brain will explode. #TrueStory.)

This is the first part of Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol 1 (UK - US) and is pretty awesome. I really want to read the full volume soon for more sassy Loki awesomeness!


Over Christmas, I also read webcomic Princess Princess by Kay O'Neill

This is about two princesses who are faffing around a magical kingdom, challenging gender norms, and falling in love with each other.

One of the princesses is black - so there's a strong person of colour (PoC) lead too 😄

Princess Princess: Ever After (to give it it's fancy in-print title) is also available in printed format (UK - US.)

Princess Princess: Ever After cover

Other Stuff

Over on Women Write About Comics, Sergio Alexis wrote an awesome recommendation list of webcomics.

And just for the awesomeness of it all, all the comics they recommend are diverse!

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For anyone who doesn't know, 'Women in Refrigerators' or 'fridging' is a phrase that was invented by comics artist Gail Simone for unnecessary acts of violence against women in comic books - often used as a plot device to motivate the male hero.

The origin of the phrase was an infamous storyline where the Green Lantern finds his girlfriend murdered and stuffed in his fridge by a super-villain - apparently just to make him angry.

Valente's book plans to give a voice to fridged women - and it looks incredibly poignant, and undoubtedly awesome.

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Along with America Chavez, Marisol Rios De La Luz aka La Borinqueña, is an awesome step forward for Latinx superheroes.

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  1. Agent of Asgard is so. good. So much fun and the art is just to die for! I really need to get my hands on volume 2 but alas - graphic novels are expensive and I am a student. Great wrap up overall, Cee!

    1. I know! That is why I've only read the 1st issue - I managed to get a digital copy of #1 on a free deal a while ago, but I can't justify buying the full book atm :/

      Thank you! :)

  2. I still haven't seen the original Lego movie but I saw the trailer for the batman one and it looks so funny!! Gotta get on that.

    1. Meh, I haven't seen The Lego Movie either - I'm guessing the plots aren't related, lol.


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