Friday 6 January 2017

Friday Fics Fix! - Absolutely Ace

If you haven't seen the TV show 'The Librarians,' then I suggest you track it the hell down and have a binge-watching session (or just watch a bit at a time, whatever.)

Why? Well, lots of reasons, but two in particular.

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Firstly, Noah Wyle faffs in and out in an adorable Sherlock-Holmes-meets-Indiana-Jones kind of way.

He also adds a decent chunk of lovable nerd, just for luck.


That's the premise guys - big library. With magic. Do I really have to sell it to you more than that?

Anyways, I also enjoy the odd snippet of fanfiction for the show (because I'm an out-of-control fangirl a dedicated supporter of all things reading, including the wonderful phenomenon of fanfiction.)

So this week's fic is based around The Librarians - which by now, you'd probably guessed.

Look, I can't lie to you - this week's fic is a little clumsily written in places.

That happens with fanfiction. #SorryNotSorry.

It's attitude and topic though? Has my support, 100%.

Because this week's fanfiction deals with asexuality, and people's ignorance of it. And the points it makes are important. There's also a touch of m/m romance where one of the couple is asexual - which is awesome.

This week's fic then, is:

open mouth, insert foot by SnorkleShit

Enjoy! See you for more fanfiction next week!

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