Thursday 12 January 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Tonight We Are Victorious

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This was another one of those weeks where I only have stuff for the 'Other Stuff' section of these posts. *shrugs* It happens occasionally. I blame Loki.

Other Stuff

If you're not aware of Spideypool (whereby the Internet took Spider-man (the grown-up version) and Deadpool, and decided they were meant to be,) then you won't know that Spideypool shippers are a passionate and unusual bunch.

While the Stucky shippers have the romantic-tragic soul-mates corner covered, Spideypool shippers rely on a steady stream of Deadpool arguing with himself, random cr*p happening every five minutes, upside-down kissing, and d*ck jokes.

And Ryan Reynolds - the king of the Deadpool fandom, and y'know, actually the actor who plays Deadpool - never disappoints. He made out with Andrew Garfield, just to make us happy.

(pay attention to the left-hand corner)


Over on Women Write About Comics, Holly Rose Swinyard wrote about non-binary representation.

And that is it for this week! Not a lot I know, but Comics Wrap-Up is taking a break next week for Disability Diaries, so there'll be more on 26th Jan.

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  1. Omg I just realized that when Ryan kissed Andrew it was Spider-Man kissing Deadpool! That's so funny and actually pretty cool!

    1. Believe me, Ryan would've been aware of that. He's basically the king of Deadpool fans XD


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