Wednesday 11 January 2017

Month in Review(s) - December 2016

This wrap-up isn't late, it's fashionably detained. 😎

So, in another round of let's-help-2016-get-the-hell-out-of-here, I'm tying up some more leftover 2016 business.

flower poking up through cracked earth

December was OK, for me, anyway.

There was Christmas, and I love Christmas, so s'all good. Plus, we all said goodbye to 2016. Which up until it's very last days was a b**ch. (Don't do what your big sibling did, 2017 - you can be better!)

It was also the month when I decided to change things up on DORA a bit. In case you aren't aware: I'll be posting less from now on, but hopefully will be bringing you better content as a result.

And honestly, it'll be less - but not that much less. And you'll still probably see yours truly faffing about on social media etc. quite a damned bit!

I only wrote two reviews in December (shock! horror! 😲) what with Christmas and everything... so, here they are:

Graphic Novels

And that's another piece of 2016 done and dusted!


  1. Lol as soon as the clock struck midnight on new year's the first thing my cousin said to me was: thank god that's over! I think this only motivates us more to make 2017 the best year yet!

  2. Fashionably late is my middle name, so I understand! I am glad you had a good Christmas and I'm looking forward to this brilliant content <3

    1. Ha, no pressure or anything! Hopefully I can live up to people's expectations.


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