Friday 24 February 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Loki's Heart

I'm full of coffee, fanfiction is slowly restoring my faith in humanity, and I have an awesome FrostIron fic with a transgender Loki for you guys! Let's do this!

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(Fangirling notes:

FrostIron is where Loki and Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (y'know, the films) have a little something romantic and/or sexual going on.

If you're a regular DORA reader, you'll probably know this.

If you're new here/have somehow avoided my FrostIron obsession: ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE YOU TO THE AWESOMENESS!!!!) 

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In the comics, Loki is all kinds of undefined in terms of both sexuality and gender (something they have resolutely ignored in the films.)

So fic writers, (who are more accepting than your average studio executive,) have, over the years, taken it upon themselves to explore the various avenues Loki's story could have taken.

And that is one of the reasons, my dearest nerdlets, that there is still hope for this planet!

This fanfic is written by a transgender man, about a transgender man - yes, there's such a thing as #ownvoices fanfiction... and it's glorious.

This fic is 18+ only by the way guys - there are sexy-times, and I don't want anyone's parents yelling at me.

Also, pay attention to the warnings the fic author gives, in case there's anything distressing for you in there.

This is written beautifully and honestly... and I just love it!

To be honest, any romance between Tony Stark and Loki has already won half the battle with me, but the college AU and the raw heart of this story is just... this is one I really adored, guys.

(Fangirling note: AU is Alternate Universe.)

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So, without further procrastination, this week's fic is:

Deliver It To My Heart (What Looks So Strong So Delicate) by lary

And that's this week's fic! More next week! :)

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