Sunday 26 February 2017

Nerd Church - Transgender People, and Public Toilets

(Warning: This post deals with rape and sexual assault statistics, and transphobia.)

You've likely heard by now that the fool currently in charge of the US has rescinded Obama's guidance on transgender bathrooms.

Maybe you hadn't heard. In which case you might want to go read some stuff and catch up. Go on, go ahead, I'll wait.

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Let's be honest - this is a vindictive move to put transgender people (especially kids) in danger, from a biased and malicious administration.

Why? Let me explain:

  • By saying transgender people can't use their preferred public loos, you're saying transgender people are not 'real' men, women, or non-binary people. Which is a) bigoted, and b) inaccurate. #CallThemAsISeeThem

  • You're saying transgender people - especially transgender women - are an inherent threat to cisgender women, and/or are in some way corrupted. They are not.

  • You're forcing people who would not feel comfortable in a men's loos, to go in, wearing female clothing. There is a high chance of them getting beaten up - or worse. And yes, it happens.

  • You're forcing people to out themselves before they're ready, or in a situation which may be unsafe.

But what about the chance of sexual assault in the women's loos?

OK, I'm going to break this down nice and slow.

Because the point here isn't really about assault, it's about rights, but if you want me to deal with this nonsense I will:

  • 7/10 rapes in the US are committed by someone who knows the victim, rather than a stranger.

  • 50% of rape in the US is committed by people aged 30+, rather than teens or other young people.

Of course a rapist can be anyone - but that's just it, A RAPIST CAN BE ANYONE. You are no more or less safe in the public toilets than you are out of them.

Statistically, a rapist, or perpetrator of sexual assault, in the USA, is most likely to be a cisgender white man, over the age of 30, who is known to the victim.

Transgender people are at higher risk of sexual assault than cisgender women.

Support transgender people, vocally, loudly. Help to protect them, because forcing them to use the loos of their birth-assigned gender is NOT RIGHT.

And it's putting more people in danger than it's helping.

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  1. This angers me to the core. It angers me even more because some of my own family members in the us supported this notion, because they were afraid of their children going into a washroom that a transgender person was in. I don't understand how what someone is doing in a freaking stall is any of the government's business, it's beyond me.

    1. I spent a lot of time yesterday researching some pretty horrendous statistics and cases. Transgender people are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than anyone else, including cisgender women. Kids are most likely to be sexually assaulted by family members - they should, statistically, trust their parents less than transgender strangers (not that I would ever give that advice because #commonsense, let's not get the kids talking to strangers, but you get what I'm saying.)

      Cisgender men are the biggest threat in terms of sexual assault, world over. The end.

    2. You basically just summed it up. If only some people in power would do some research as well.

    3. A lot of them know... and don't care. Because politically, demonising marginalised groups makes more capital. (Not that I'm cynical or anything *sighs*)

    4. You're not cynical, just speaking the truth :)

  2. This makes me so angry. I keep seeing people saying that they don't want to see "male genitalia" in public bathroom, which m.f. BAFFLES me. I have never to this day seen anyone's genitalia in a public bathroom, although I have seen the junk of strangers on Madison Avenue and in the subway. It's so not about keeping women safe. It's about making trans people's lives impossible. I hate it.

    1. Preach! Totally agree with you. Ladies' rooms have stalls dammit!

      Madison Avenue... is that a New York thing? Or have I got the wrong city there?

  3. this was such a Great and insightful post! Cheers to you for doing the research.... but I cannot understand why the world is like this. It makes me so angry :/
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987

    1. The world is like this because it needs more people like you :) chin up, and keep making things awesome <3

  4. I have been hearing a lot about this issue and what Trump has done lately... and it's very good of you to have your say and make your points as well. Yes, a rapist can be absolutely anyone and that is not something which should be part of the reasoning!

    1. It worries me that transgender people are being put in danger under the excuse of cisgender people being in danger. It implies they are worth less, which is just not true.


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