Friday 10 February 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Totally Winning

I love the TV show Supergirl. It rocks.

And I know, it sounds like it should be really naff - BUT IT'S NOT!!!!

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Now, fans of the show will be aware of Winn, and aware of Mon-El.

People who aren't familiar show need to go watch it (like, now.) Because it's awesome-sauce, and even has canon (fangirling note: official) lesbian representation in series 3.

Now, as fandom will pair up everyone with... well... everyone, there is a ship for Winn and Mon-El.

The name of this ship is Monwinn - which makes me laugh for nerdy reasons related to the Welsh language which I won't go into too much here because it would probably take up half a page of explanation.

Let's just say that Winn, and its many variants, is a Welsh name that can signify several concepts related to white, fair, pure, holy, handsome, perfect, etc.

And Mon makes me think of Anglesey.

(Fangirling note: ship is relation-ship. See? OK, awesome.)

This week's fic is cute awesome Monwinn dorkiness with their first date (*squee*)

This week's fic then, my dear nerdlets, is:

Enjoy the sweet dorkiness, and I'll have more fanfiction-y-ness for you next week!

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