Sunday 12 March 2017

Nerd Church - Eff Off FOMO

You know what I'm sick to death of? People trying to make others guilty for not having seen this film, or read that book.

pic of group with one outsider

The effect it has on you is called FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. And, as a concept, it's stupid as all hell.

Guess what? There are many centuries' worth of popular (and niche) culture to consume. No one has time to get through it all.

'Oh my god, you haven't seen X TV show yet? You need to binge watch all of it!'

Ummm... no. I don't 'need' to watch ten series of anything. I might want to, if it sounds interesting enough.

I need sleep. I need food. I don't need to spend many hours prone across a sofa, only getting up to use the loo or prepare food (that's not that healthy, btw. Binges aren't good for you - no matter what you're bingeing on.)

This totally goes for us bookworms too. I'm guilty of using the word 'need' when it comes to my TBR (to-be-read) list, but hopefully I don't put pressure on others to conform to the same.

(And if I do, dudes, I'm so sorry!)

My TBR is currently 750+ books. I may never get around to reading all of them guys, m'k? There are a lot of really interesting books in the world, and only so many hours in a day, or in our short lives.


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My dearest nerdlets, feeling like you need to act in a certain way, to have seen certain TV shows, read certain books... it's just more b**lsh** from society as a whole.

Comparing yourself to everyone else - I need to have seen this film, because everyone else has, and I'll be a total loser if I don't - is just going to make you miserable.

Because for a start, life's too short to spend it reading, watching, and doing, things that you aren't enjoying, or aren't interested in.

Read, watch, listen to... all the things that make you happy.

Because, my dear nerdlets, happiness is precious and difficult to catch. Never take it for granted, m'k?

And go tell FOMO that it can eff the hell off.

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  1. I AGREE! I get horrible fomo and have literally sat through agonizing tv shows and movies that I had no interest in whatsoever, just because everyone else loved them. Such a waste of valuable time!

  2. OH MY GOD....I am definitely a victim of FOMO; I've always felt it, I've just never known how to label it, wow. Just to illustrate how much FOMO is actually a thing for me, when a friend of mine started talking about how creepy and scary but 'SO GOOD' the movie 'Split' was...I was immediately tempted to leg it to the cinema, and watch it for myself...ignoring the part of me that had been turned off of the movie in the first place because I wasn't comfortable with how it portrayed a mentally ill person...Thankfully, I never went to see the movie, and although FOMO was grasping me by the throat, I resisted...and I'm quite glad about that now haha.
    Great post!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Why thank you! And yeah... I didn't feel like seeing that one either, even though The Bestie says it's not *too* bad mental-health-wise. I just didn't feel like it - life's too short dammit! :)

  3. Oh, I missed your blog so much! You just have a fantastic way of saying great wisdom. FOMO is real. I think worrying about acceptance ups the stakes for me sometimes, but, like you said, some of things we do in the name of FOMO is really unhealthy. I was binge watching anime today (I never watch anime), and while it was fun, I was getting panic attacks because I didn't want to waste my day. People, hopefully, will like us even if we're not "hip" or "up to date" on the "cool" things out there. Hard concept to wrap my mind around, but...I'll try.

    1. *hugs Dina* - you are an awesome-sauce person, and I love that you like the things you like, whatever they are!

      Also, wisdom? *blushes* Not sure I would go that far!

      Have an awesome time being you Dina, that's the only thing you need to be (and I totally need to take my own advice, I know!)

  4. Great post! I really enjoyed reading your opinions on this one. Made me laugh!
    Well I didn't know what FOMO was all about until you explained it.
    I am guilty of bingeing on shows that I like even though I know it's not good for you. But I don't do it because of pressure, more like my guilty pleasure. :)

    Wish I had more time to binge!

    1. Thanks, I try!

      Maybe you should get up and stretch between episodes? Does less damage to your health that way!

      At least you're not bingeing on things you don't even like. People feel too much pressure to catch up on things they have no interest just because other people have. I hate it when people put pressure on others like that!

  5. Oh I feel that a lot because I don't watch too many telly shows, and everyone is always going on about the ones I must see. And movies too. I am very particular in my choice (well it's random genres, but I only watch a few so yeah), and I'm always missing out on one or another. As for books I TELL MYSELF I WILL GET TO THEM ALL. My TBR list is huge but I still believe hehehe :3

    1. Ha, my TBR is 750+ books. There is no hope for me. Save yourself. ;)


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