Thursday 4 May 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - My Heart is Like a Stallion

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Film Trailers

Here's another li'l trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 - which I've already seen!

(Dudes it's good - both hilarious and heart-breaking dammit!!!!)

Warning: flashing images


And look at all the Wonder Woman trailers guys!!! Look at them!!!!!! XD

Warning: flashing images


This week I read Galdranorn and the Fury - an 18+ only webcomic (on account of (porno)graphic sexy times and lots of anatomically correct pics of dudes.)

I quite enjoyed it - the central m/m relationship definitely felt very real, and it was very interesting.

There were a few issues I had with it though - the whole you-kidnapped-me-and-now-I-think-I'm-falling-for-you trope, and a hint of the White Saviour trope creeping in at the corners.

Don't get me wrong, it's not, like, blatantly racist, but Ceres couldn't be more white if he tried - he's literally made of ice and snow, and his eyes have no colour - and Galdranorn is green. And Ceres definitely has the upper hand when it comes to the life-saving business.

So *squints suspiciously at comic* - something to be wary of.

Other Stuff

I'm not going to spend too long discussing Marvel's idiocy in the whole Captain-America-is-now-a-Nazi realm of things, since I did a lot of that last week.

What I will say is that letting the Nazi version of Captain America lift Thor's hammer (which is only for the worthy) is a beyond-sh**ty decision. You stupid, stupid, people at Marvel. *sighs*

Lindsay Smith @ Women Write About Comics wrote an excellent piece about why this current story is SO VERY BAD, and what the fans - y'know, us guys - actually want. (Hint: it's not a Nazi Captain America.)


Other comics-related links I stumbled haphazardly across this week are:

  • Rosie Knight @ Women Write About Comics continues to examine comics' terrible father-figures with this article on Magneto.

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  1. "Ceres couldn't be more white if he tried." Haha, that is a very true statement. I see what you're saying though. And for some reason I never even noticed the kidnapping/love thing. I guess it seemed more like self-defense that he poisoned Ceres, especially since he unpoisoned him after. But now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it was a little weird.

    1. Ha, I just figured it was something to be wary of :)

      And yeah - Ceres is like white to the max!

  2. I swear this Hydra!Cap story is never going to die. Not only is it a terrible storyline in the comics, but Marvel keeps making it worse in all these ways outside of the actual comics. Like MAYBE JUST SHUT UP FOR A BIT MARVEL.

    1. Ha, if you haven't read my ranting imaginary conversation from last week, then I recommend you do - I think you'd appreciate it! ;)


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