Friday 5 May 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Spoiler warning: potential Harry Potter spoilers ahead!

Bringing someone new home to the family is challenging. Now, if that person also fought against you in the recent magic war, it might make things a li'l awkward.

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But like, it'll all work out in the end... right? It's not like you were a Death Eater, and he was The Boy Who Lived or anything... oh. Right. That.

My dearest nerdlets, this week I give you a fic with three snapshots of Drarry, as the boys try to explain to family and friends that, yes, they are an item.

(Fangirling notes: Drarry is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.)

(Ah, fandom and your ability to make gifs of anything... how I love you!)

OK, so this is a fic in three non-chronological parts:

Chap 1: Draco brings Harry home to the family
Chap 2: Before telling the Malfoys, Harry has to break the news to Ron
Chap 3: The boys get married (because why the hell not?)

(The fans have sooooo thought this through!)

Oh, and brief warning: there's homophobic-ness, and references to past abuse, in chapter 2.

Just to let everyone know!

This week's fic, then, is:
In Which Not So First Introductions Are Made by InTheShadows

Enjoy! I'll be back with more fanfiction next week!

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  1. DUDE. Drarry was one of my favorites. I don't really read fanfic anymore, but I am all for them getting married. Ron will cope. He's a good friend and will accept Draco eventually.

    1. Ha, the sassiness and general awesome-itude of Drarry fics is always great :) (And no worries - he (more-or-less) accepts them by the end of the chapter!)


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