Tuesday 9 May 2017

Review! (Poetry Edition!) - The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

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Title: The Princess Saves Herself In This One

Author: Amanda Lovelace

Genre: Poetry

Amazon: UK - USA

A few starting notes:

I received a free digital review copy of this book via NetGalley. NetGalley provides review copies from publishers in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

There's been so much buzz around this book - including a Goodreads Choice Award for Poetry in 2016.

People love this book - and to hear this much about a poetry collection isn't an everyday occurrence, so when I got the opportunity to review it, I took it.

A note before we go on guys: This book deals with some very difficult topics in an open and often raw way; please be careful.


A collection/chapbook thingummy of Amanda Lovelace's poetry, separated into several parts that work around a fairy-tale theme.

Best bits:

It's pretty common for people to get all uppity when something is radical, different, or otherwise not corresponding to their teeny-tiny world view.

I have no issue with people not liking this poetry - poetry is subjective and infinitely personal.

What I have problems with is those who claim that this isn't poetry.

No-one died and made them the poetry pope. They don't get to say what is and isn't poetry - no-one does. That's part of what makes it so beautiful*

*Raised by hippies - not my fault.

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As for criticising it for being 'emo' (which I've seen a lot of on Goodreads in particular,) - there ain't nothing wrong with being emo, honey.

Trust me, I've completed the FOB/MCR/P!ATD trinity. Emo is awesome. It comes from a place of emotion (hence the name,) and feeling.

Oddly enough, emotion and feeling and catching that spark of the world and holding it - just for a second - is what both art and poetry are all about.**

**Seriously. Hippies. I can't help myself. So many incense-filled shops in my childhood.

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This collection is free-spirited, deeply personal, and brutally honest. It tackles raw topics with openness and no fear.

It's not afraid to take risks (using the shape of words and lines to add movement and life to the poetry) or ruffle feathers (nothing is orthodox here.) 

I found it chillingly good.

Whether you connect with it or not is something you'll have to see for yourself.

Not so great bits:

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This book is raw and pretty much no-holds-barred, so potentially distressing content includes:

- abuse (various types - BIG warning!)

- child abuse

- eating disorders

- mental health problems

- depression

- low self-esteem/self-worth

- sexual assault

- self-harm (BIG warning!)

- suicidal thoughts

- suicide
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- grief

- family relationship issues

- abusive partner

- alcoholism

- cancer

Parts of this book are VERY raw, so please be careful guys.

There might've been the odd swear word? Honestly, if you can make it past the other stuff, it's not going to bother you, even if there is the odd word.

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I didn't see the fairy-tale theme. I really didn't.

Like, there was the odd bit of imagery etc. that would fit in with that idea... but not enough to call it a main theme.

Not in my opinion, anyway - maybe it just went over my head, who knows?

Given that this is how the book is marketed etc., the lack of much princess/fairy-tale-ness was a little disappointing, but I still totally loved this collection.

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Obviously, poetry is subjective - so it's not going to be to everyone's tastes.

And that's ok. Poetry is personal - if you didn't like it, then you didn't like it. No probs.


Raw. Unique. Exceptional. This collection is something different.

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  1. I've seen this book EVERYWHERE, along with Milk and Honey, but I just can't bring myself to read either of them. I'm not the hugest fan of poetry to begin with, but so many people were telling me just to give it a go, but meh. I don't think I would spend money on it to be honest.

    1. Maybe borrow it from a library? That way you can try without spending the cash :)

  2. This poetry collection is hella hyped. I'm glad you connected with it. I'd read it, but I think it'd be pretty triggering for me. Thank you for the trigger warning and for not including anything that could somehow send me spiraling down really negative paths.

    1. No problem - I try to talk about things in a way which won't harm people, but if I ever fail, please let me know *immediately*!!!! I think it's important to include a list of warnings for difficult topics - people can be well-informed as to their reading choices that way!

      It does get v raw, so maybe this one is one you should skip. If you ever do decide to read it, then take it easy and stop if you have to.


  3. Not my cup of tea... seems a bit to raw for my liking.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)

    Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club

    1. I'm not going to deny its rawness! Fair enough, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. It's still an amazing book though :)

  4. I've never really read poetry. Like I've read the odd poem here and there but never picked up a book of poems and read it. But I think I'd very much like too. I am an extremely emotional person and so slightly worried about the writing being raw but I still want to read this book. Thanks for the wonderful review!

    1. It is raw - but you can skip anything that makes you feel overly uncomfortable. I do suggest you be careful and take breaks if you need to - or even stop entirely if you have to.

      I think though, overall, that you'll really enjoy this. (I hope you do anyway!)

      And thank *you* for the awesome comment! XD

  5. I already liked the sound of this book from the title - you can never have too much independence, especially when it comes to characters who are often seen as damsels in distress! I think when reading poetry, you can like or not like it, depending on which style appeals to you. But that doesn't make it NOT poetry!!!

  6. I've heard great things about this too. It does sound like a very raw and personal book. It also sounds really interesting with how you said it uses shapes of words and lines and unorthodox things. And yeah, poetry is definitely super subjective. Sometimes a certain poem or author resonates with you. Others don't. So I'm glad you loved this one!

    1. It was awesome! I love it when people break the rules ;)

  7. It sounds interesting but I probably won't read it if it's full of triggering stuff. I get really stressed by what I read, it always really stays with me so I'm probably a bit feeble for this!



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