Sunday 7 May 2017

Nerd Church - It's Nearly Eurovision Time!

Okay, it's a gay* cliché, but I love Eurovision!

The final is next Saturday (13th May) - I'm probably going to record it though, because that way I can skip through the awkward voting satellite link-ups that take waaaay too long!

silhouette of singer

Honestly though, I'm totally looking forward to the big, shiny, glittery, spectacle that is the biggest show on Earth!

*I'm using gay as an umbrella term here for all LGBTQ+ folks, because it fit better in that sentence!

For those (admittedly probably not that many) of you who don't have a clue what Eurovision is - let me give you a brief explanation:

After the Second World War, Europe kind of needed a reason to party and/or talk to each without firing guns - so why not have a singing competition????

(I don't know, I didn't invent it - apparently it seemed logical at the time...?)

So every year, European nations (that's the continent, not the Union,) plus Israel and the recent addition of... Australia (...? Honestly, none of us know either,) compete in a song contest.

The founding nations, plus the home nation, get an automatic pass to the final (which is how the UK inexplicably ends up there, dazed and confused, every year.)

hearts pop art

But that doesn't really explain the spectacle, glitz, glam, and uniqueness of Eurovision.

Because Eurovision is shamelessly fabulous (as well as occasionally bemusing, gonna be honest.)

The whole thing is a bright and glittery celebration of being yourself and doing whatever the f**k you want (even if sometimes that wasn't necessarily a great idea; still, s'all good!)

It's the fabulousness of it all that has, over the years, made the event a rallying point for the LGBTQ+ community.

In Eurovision, people who all too often still, even in the 21st Century, face discrimination and even persecution and death, can celebrate themselves.

From the stunningly beautiful, and breathtakingly talented, Conchita Wurst, to this year's Ukrainian rainbow, this is the place where European LGBTQ+ folks can celebrate being awesome, while the allo-cishet (non-LGBTQ+) people join us in celebrating pop music as a whole!

Conchita Wurst winning the 2014 Grand Final with Rise Like a Phoenix

So, in a world of far-right a**holes and increasingly bad news, I invite you to the biggest, most fabulous, party on Earth!

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  1. Thank you for finally explaining Eurovision to me!! Every year I am more confused with what it is and all I know is that everyone I follow from Europe rave about it. It looks like a great time, tbh!

    1. Ha, it's watched by over 200 million people worldwide. Ofc the main audience is Europe, but there are a lot of other countries who watch it in big numbers too.

      It's a lot of fun (and often a lot of bizarre stuff that no-one has the answer too, tbh) and a lot of glitter and fabulousness!

      It's been going for over 50 years, and is just fab! :)

  2. I haven't watched Eurovision in years, purely because I can never remember when it's on and then when it is I end up missing it in favour of something else. It's such mess though, in the best possible way haha. Do you remember Greece's song 'Alcohol is Free'? :P

    1. I really don't remember that song - maybe I've blocked it out! Lol. Nah, you gotta love Eurovision! It's so fab! XD

  3. I have friends who are huge Eurovision fans. I've never really got into it, but I like that you get such a big kick out of it! I might watch it this year :)

    1. It's *so* fabulous! XD You can always record it and skip past the parts you don't wanna watch (like I do!) :)

  4. I'm actually... not a fan of Eurovision. It's nothing to do with its meaning or whatever, just that I don't usually like that kind of entertainment, and hence why I don't watch it. But I know my little sister LOVES it, so she watches it every year!

    1. *gasps* ! But... the pretty! And the fabulous! Lol.

      No worries, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing!

  5. I watched and loved the final! It is insanely fabulous, you're totally right!



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