Thursday 1 June 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Is It Any Wonder?

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Film Trailers

A couple more li'l Wonder Woman trailers for you this week my dear nerdlets:

Other Stuff

In other Wonder Woman news, there is a campaign to ban the film in Lebanon.

I'm not in favour of film banning - it's out and out censorship; I prefer audience boycotts (if you don't support - don't go see it,) because that sends film companies a message and delivers that message directly to their collective wallets.

BUT I have to point out that this ban isn't being sought because Gal Godot is Israeli - which is how I've seen it phrased out there on the interwebs.

It's being sought because of her support of Zionism.

Keep your metaphorical eyes open to the realities of the world we live in, my dear nerdlets, as uncomfortable and messy as that is.

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  1. I enjoyed the Wonder Women trailers :)
    It's crazy that they are trying to ban this in Lebanon. The movie has nothing to do with the reason why...coz she supports Zionism. LOL

    Dinh @

    1. I can see why people wouldn't want to support any film that she's in. But no, I don't agree with bans.

  2. omg I Can't wait to see this movie!

    1. It's pretty good, all in all! :D (Shame about Gal Godot.)

    2. ok I have to say that I hope I don't offend anyone but... WTF??? This world and its issues with borders and separating us human beings in groups freaking drives me crazy and I get so depressed sometimes :(

    3. *Hugs* the world is terrible - but it's also awesome. Don't forget that.


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