Friday 2 June 2017

Friday Fics Fix - I Can See It There In Your Eyes

Some things in this world are pure awesome - one of those things is that Sanvers is canon.

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Because Supergirl is an excellent TV series, and was like, 'dudes, let's see Supergirl have a lesbian sister who kicks criminal alien butt!'

And the kids of this world are all the better for it.*

*Link warning: discussion of suicidal thoughts in relation to LGBTQ+ issues/coming out.

(Fangirling notes:

Sanvers is the romantic relationship between Alex Danvers (Supergirl's sister and kick-a** government agent) and Maggie Sawyer (Latina cop who is also pretty bad-a**.)

Canon is the 'official' in-world material - i.e. something that is actually said or appears in a TV series, film, book, etc.)

Confession: Alex is not my favourite LGBTQ+ character from the CW's Arrowverse.

That honour goes to the strong, intelligent, and drop-dead (literally) gorgeous, assassin turned time-traveller, Sara Lance. If you've seen her in Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, you won't blame me!

(*Fans self*)

(Fangirling notes:

Arrowverse, also called 'Flarrowverse' (the series that started things was Arrow, the 2nd title was The Flash) or just plain-old CW's DC Universe, is a catch-all name for the shared universe of a bunch of CW DC-based shows.

This is comprised of (at the moment,): Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.)

But, this week's fic is not about Sara (dammit!) - it is about the good ship Sanvers!

(Fangirling notes*:

ship = romantic and/or sexual relationship. Also used as a verb, as in 'I ship the thing,' or 'I ship the ship!')

*Am I being nerdier this week, or just explaining more?! There's a lot of fangirling notes going on here! Lol.

Because let's face it, my dear nerdlets, there is not enough F/F fanfiction fluff in this world: and I found you some!

This week's fic is Alex, Maggie, and some motorbikes (don't worry - it doesn't get too technical.)

It's pure fluffiness (with a dash of innuendo,) and is just awesome :)

This week's fic then, is:

Stars and Bikes by Stuffedpup


Friday Fics Fix will be taking a break next week, but will be back on 16th June.

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  1. Haha, you seem very excited about this and I love it!! There's nothing wrong with going a little more fangirly than normal.

    1. I am excited! :) Sanvers is canon. Canon rep on a mainstream superhero show!!!!! XD It's so awesome! :)

      (Not to mention, I had an excuse to mention Sara Lance, lol!)

  2. you go and fangirl like a pro! :)


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