Friday 16 June 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Valid

As we're in the middle of Pride month, I figured it was the perfect time to shine a spotlight on an orientation that doesn't get as much attention.

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There are a lot of sexual and romantic orientations that are lesser-known - especially among non-queer people - and deserve more awareness.

So this week's fic features both lithromantic and aromantic representation.

Lithromantic, otherwise known as akoiromantic, akoineromantic, and apromantic, is a longing for the idea of a relationship, but without the desire to actually be in a relationship.

This is linked to lithsexual - liking the idea of having sex, but not actually wanting sex.

Before I forget, a shout-out to Sinead @ Huntress of Diverse Books for asking for recs of lithromantic books (of which, in traditional publishing, there are approximately zero,) and setting me off on a slightly-obsessive search.

(If you read this blog a lot, the fact that a chance tweet turned into an epic search and a whole blogpost won't really surprise you. I get distracted easily, lol!)

This week's fic is MCU*, featuring a lithromantic Hawkeye, and an aromantic Black Widow.

*No, I didn't fix it! Just turns out Marvel fans are gonna save the world, one fic at a time!

(Fangirling notes: MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe - the Marvel movies, basically.)

So then, this week's earth-saving fic is:

Friends and Benefits by yumekuimono

Enjoy! I'll be back with more fanfiction-y goodness next week!

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  1. I read the story and it's so cool. Hawkeye is anyway amazing. Bows and arrows are so awesome!

    AO3 is quite a gem, I'll have to remember them. Didn't work that well today though, only found one story for the term.

    1. Where you can, click the tags - it tends to be easier/better than using the search :)

  2. Thanks for shedding light on this orientation, Cee! I have to admit, I hadn't even heard of it before this post!

    1. No problem :) And there are a lot of orientations which aren't covered a lot - not surprising considering a lot of people still aren't aware of anything beyond straight, gay, lesbian, and sometimes bi.

  3. man I always learn new things on your blog!

    1. Glad to be of service! *bows and tips imaginary hat*


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