Sunday 18 June 2017

Nerd Church - Not Worth Less

Disasters happen. But when they appear to have been preventable? Justice needs to be done.

At this stage - and thank God, I did A-level Law, and I know how to dance around this country's libel laws - it appears that the horrific loss of life at Grenfell Tower could have been avoided, or at the very least reduced.

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But this tragedy also raises question of class-status.

Class-status is still far more influential in the UK than it should be.

Do you think luxury flats, in that very same borough - one of the richest in the country - Kensington and Chelsea, would be lacking a sprinkler system? Maybe. But I doubt it.

Social mobility is something that can only be dreamed of by many.

Where you come from, and your family background, still limit your opportunities in life - and, all too often, the amount of worth that the state places on you.

The Welfare State is a beautiful thing. It says, 'we will support you, we will help you.'

But to people who've lived lives gilded with gold, silver, and opportunity, it seems a foreign and unnecessary concept.

It's these people who make benefits harder to claim, help harder to seek, prosperity harder to attain.

Some things that limit your opportunities (and shouldn't) in the UK in 2017:

  1. How much money your parents have.
  2. What class your parents are.
  3. Whether you live in a less-affluent area.
  4. Whether you or your parents are immigrants.
  5. Whether you are a Person of Colour (PoC.)
  6. Whether you are disabled.
  7. What school you go/went to.
  8. Whether you live or grew up in social housing.

This list is in no way comprehensive. It's just an example of the factors - by-and-large beyond your control - which stack the odds against you managing to make a better life for yourself.

I personally expect to be worse-off than my parents, in the long run. Obviously, I hope I'm not - but the way this world is going? *sighs*


I hope that the survivors, and the victim's families, of Grenfell Tower see justice done.

I hope that lessons have been learned about responsibility and the value of human life in the 50 years since Aberfan.

I hope that the families find peace, and justice.

Most of all, I hope that the future sees safety placed above money.


  1. Our world is so money-centric that it's actually disgusting that this disaster happened! People put money over everything :((((

    1. I know. But there are also awesome people in the world - like you! <3

  2. Even though it isn't something that springs to the forefront of someone's mind, or seems pretty invisible unless you give it thought, there are class differences in the UK. And in a lot of places in the world. And it's saddening that it's still an issue, and more buried so others can't see it :(

    1. It's terrible, and it's def. out there. I think I tend to be more aware of it b/c I live in a fairly poor area, and my parents worked their way up from working-class backgrounds to a point where they're somewhat comfortable living on my dad's pension.

      I'm terminally broke though - maybe that's just a self-employed millennial thing *shrugs*


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