Thursday 6 July 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Just Because We Left Our Guns At The Door...

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TV Trailers

The First trailer for Marvel's Inhumans is here!

For those of you who don't know, Inhumans are a Marvel race of people who are a little like mutants, but with an alien-engineered origin, rather than evolving on their own.

This is based on a society of Inhumans that went into hiding - but now there are new Inhumans faffing around in the world of humans, so the situation has changed somewhat!

And yes, that's a giant dog. His name is Lockjaw! XD

Graphic Novels

This week I read Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, Vol 1: Going Underground.

This is the second of two of DC and Gerard Way's Young Animal titles which I was given the chance to review (you can see my review of the first, Doom Patrol, here.)

I enjoyed it a lot and it has a lot going for it, but I'm unsure about the representation of indigenous peoples.

The whole thing is made more complicated by the fact that this it's a fictional race of people, and there are some Celtic/Nordic influences in there.

I'll talk more about this in my review, but if anyone knows of any critiques regarding the indigenous rep. in this book, I'd love to read them, and possibly link to them.

Other Stuff

He suggests this as a 'good ole days' kind of deal-y, but I've always done this because there aren't many places that sell comics here.

I tend to buy my comics either from the newsagents (when they have them) or second-hand @ Cardiff comic-con (50p each dammit! How can I resist?!)

Anyway, it tends to make me pretty used to reading series out of order - just go with it!

And that's it for this week's comics wrap-up! Please comment, share, and buy me a coffee if you can!

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  1. So you'd be happy to know that I may be immersing myself into the comic world! My favourite tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is also a comic book series, so I'll probably pick up some to read!! This is all very exciting:D

  2. Inhumans look like a great show.:)

    I haven't picked up a comic randomly and read it at whatever number. I am used to getting the graphic novels so it's like binge reading when I have a couple I can devour in one go. 1 Comic is too short for my liking.... I do like to have them all together.

    Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

  3. The Inhumans looks... interesting? I guess. I'm just not that into aliens and don't always get on well with Marvel TV. Still half way through Luke Cage episode 3. Oops.

    1. I don't watch the Netflix series because I don't have Netflix! Lol.


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