Friday 7 July 2017

Friday Fics Fix - The One I Forgot To Title

I love new takes on established characters - especially the ones that blow your mind ;)

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That's what I have for you this week - something that will make you sit up and say, 'Huh? Wow. I can't believe I never considered that!'

Cos let's face it, it's one of the things that we, as fanfiction readers, are inevitably drawn to - the possibility of examining our fave characters through the lenses of fellow fans.

In very few places are the lenses so varied as among the Sherlockians.

(If you don't know what a Sherlockian is - I suggest you back away from fandom very slowly, making no sudden moves, and maintaining eye-contact in case of surprise attack.)

Maybe it's the fact that there have only been about 15 episodes over 4 seasons, and Gatiss & Moffat (the show's writers,) have strung us along for such a long time between series, that makes Sherlockians just that little bit... hungrier than your average fandom.

So, with that in mind, what do I give you this week?

Well, my lucky little nerdlets, what I give you this week is a dyslexic Sherlock. And it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Honestly, I think this is my new headcanon.

(Fangirling notes:

Headcanon, also known as headcannon (cos it blows your mind,) is an aspect of fandom which isn't canon - i.e. official - but you treat with the same reverence and respect as any official events, characters, etc.)

So, this week's (awesome) fic is:

Words, Words, Words by Radar_Girl

Comment, share, and enjoy!

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