Wednesday 5 July 2017

Month in Review(s) - June 2017

June was too damned hot here in the UK.

It regularly reached over 28C, & often over 30C. I officially melt at around 23.5C, so I was NOT happy.

ice cream pic

I know, I know, a lot of you live in countries that are waaaaay hotter than that, or where those temperatures are fairly typical, but dudes, the UK is NOT set up for heat.

Plus it tends to descend on us with v little warning, so we have zero acclimatisation going on.

By the time we acclimatise, the heat wave ends, and then another one turns up just when we've lost said acclimatisation. #NotFun.

On top of that, I'm Welsh.

Welsh people are built for rain, cold, and gale-force winds. Along with ice and snow in the winter. We're not used to heat.

It doesn't happen here. Sunshine? Yes. Heat? No.

Annnnd my anxiety is always worse in the heat, so hot days go a little like this:

Mam: Do you want ice-cream?


Me (out loud): ...Ooh ...yeah, that'd be nice.

See? Not good. Much like June in terms of world events.

Which I'm not going to go into because you guys were there and I'm sure we could all do with not going through that again.

(If you really wanna know more, here are my posts on the aftermath of the UK election, Grenfell Tower, and the Finsbury Park attack.)

But then, June was also the month where I learnt that throwing metaphorical/virtual glitter at homophobes on Twitter seems to stop them 9 times out of 10.

Seriously. All you have to do is type *throws glitter* and maybe add some sparkly or rainbow emojis, and a lot of the time they just sort of... give up.

Don't do this with physical glitter, as it's much harder to clean up, an environmental hazard, and a possible assault charge.

Also, things may escalate, and you really don't want that. #StaySafeBabyGays

So, on to the books I reviewed this month!

A special mention has to be made of Something Beautiful by Amanda Gernentz Hanson - because it made me so very happy!

Young Adult


New Adult


Graphic Novels

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  1. I'm sorry you've found it hard to cope in the heat! I can't stand the heat but it's been pretty hot here too :( I feel like a sticky mess all the time.

  2. Most of my family said they enjoyed the heat waves. It's nice to have once in a while :)
    Do you speak Welsh then? I lived with a Welsh girl for a while and really enjoyed it when she talked a bit of Welsh. I've been far as Swansea...being a Devonian girl myself.

    I love the cover of Such a Good Girl!

    Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

    1. I speak a little Welsh - but it's a difficult language to learn, unfortunately, not least because it *literally* mutates. I can do the basics though - and I'm trying to improve it all the time!

      I grew up - like most people in South Wales - as English-speaking, but my grandmother's parents were first language Welsh, they just didn't want her to be because at the time it would have been a disadvantage in terms of employment, being discriminated against, etc.

      Anyway, the language politics here are... a little complex! (To say the least.) I think we're headed in the right direction, though. (I hope so, anyway.)

      And ugh. No. Heat waves = hell. Not nice. At all.

  3. Yeah... that one was interesting, but really could've done with an author's note! Thanks for the comment :)

  4. I hate heat! I'm really fair and I just go all red and melty. Everyone else loves it and I always look like I've just climbed out of a swimming pool. I really enjoy that rainbow gif by the way!

    #RVHT thanks for joining in :) (It's Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum, my Google account is silly).

    1. Ugh. I don't really burn, I tan, which means everyone's like, 'oh! You must love the heat!' and I'm like, 'NO! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!' Lol, I really hate heat. So bad.


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