Thursday 20 July 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Least the Ones That I Got Away With

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All the good sh** from comics-land is being held back until San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC.)

So my news is a little thin on the ground this week, but still delivered with a smile :)

Everything also comes under the 'Other Stuff' category, because... well, I blame Loki. It's usually his fault.

Other Stuff

Women Write About Comics is seeking copyeditors!

Great opportunity for anyone who's interested.

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Vernieda Vergara @ Women Write About Comics gave us a list of Manga characters with heterochromia. 

These characters all have complete or partial (sectoral) heterochromia, which is one eye, or part of one eye, being a different colour to the other.

If anyone knows of any characters (Manga or otherwise!) who have central heterochromia - where the centre of the iris of one or both eyes is a different colour to the outer of the iris - like I do, then I'd love to hear about them!

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Jessica Plummer @ Book Riot explains the frustration of comics fans, both with the direct market itself, and with mansplainers feeling the need to explain the direct market to women.

And that's it for this week! Please share and comment!

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  1. A lot of women-related articles this week! Love it, although you always tend to be very inclusive :)

    1. This is possibly because I'm sick of comic dude-bros who think a female title-character is 'too diverse.' ;) It's best to stick around the non-male links and blogs sometimes in comics - less toxicity and p**sing contests ;)


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