Thursday 24 August 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Girl, You've Got To Be What Tomorrow Needs

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TV Trailers

Another trailer for Marvel's Inhumans! (Woo!)

(And I'm totally loving Iwan Rheon in this already!)

Other Stuff

Clara Mae @ Women Write About Comics writes about the stereotypes and abuse that Mantis' character is subjected to in GoTG, vol 2.

(Link contains spoilers.)

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S. W. Sondheimer @ Book Riot gave us an awesome list of superheroines who deserve their own novels.

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And if you're looking for women who rock the comics/art worlds, check out #VisibleWomen on Twitter. It's totally worth it!

Ok dearest nerdlets - I'll see you next week for more comics-y-ness!

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  1. I watched GOTG 2 and I totally agree on those statements about Mantis!! She deserved better.

  2. oh YES!! I loved GOT2 BUT drafted a not so good review for it because of Mantis!!! It's too late I guess to post it now but I hated hated hated it!!!

    1. Meh, post what or when you wanna post. It's coming out on DVD etc so... *shrugs*

      I know, poor Mantis!


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