Sunday 20 August 2017

Nerd Church - Stop Breaking My Heart

I've had to use the candle picture in this post way too often this year.

candle pic

It's not OK.

It's not OK for Nazis to kill a woman.

It's not OK that somehow the conversation has turned against Black Lives Matter (who are NOT a terrorist organisation - they are trying to SAVE lives.)

It's not OK for hatred to take lives in Barcelona, and in Finland.

I will say it over and over again, I will say it until my last breath, I will say it for as long as I have to:

If you turn out the lights, all terrorists sound the same, whether they're white, Asian, or African, whether they claim to be Christian, or Muslim, or anything else.

They preach hate.

And hate can't win.

Spread love. Fight hate. And stop breaking my heart.


  1. You have used that candle image a lot, and that's kinda sad :((( Here's to more sunshine pictures in the future!! <3

  2. well said! as usual love your posts! xoxo


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