Thursday 21 September 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - I Think It Looked a Little Better On Me

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TV Trailers

New little trailers for the CW's DC shows guys!!!

This first one is for series 3 of Supergirl!

Looks like some sh** is going down. #JustSaying

Warning: Flashing Images

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And now we have the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow!!!!

I looooove this show!!!! XD XD

Warning: flashing images

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And The Flash!

And it looks like they're gonna manage to write themselves outta the corner they left themselves in! (It'll help if they stop doing that. Make their jobs a whole lot easier. #TrueStory.)

Warning: Flashing images (which... you'd kinda expect, tbh.)

Warning: flashing images, spoilers for previous series

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Arrow is also getting in on the action!

To be honest, this series should have finished about three times already, but whatever. What do I know - they're the TV writers.

They just (like The Flash team) seem to like making things difficult for themselves.

Warning: minor spoilers for previous series, flashing images.

Other Stuff

Honest Trailers - the fab and funny Internet series - has made an episode for Wonder Woman!

They do refer to Native Americans as Indians though - which isn't ok.

Warning: violence, flashing images, MAJOR spoilers

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And while we're at it, I came across this review/sketch of Wonder Woman by The Review Critic, which is also pretty cool.

(You have no idea how much I wanted to write 'cricket' instead of critic. I usually call critics 'crickets' because I am clearly 3 years old.)

Oh, and the run-time here is 25.21. It actually has an ad break. #NoReally.

Warning: flashing images, swearing, MAJOR spoilers

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If you managed to avoid all news about Marvel's 'let's make Captain America a Nazi' moment/s this year, I envy you.

(This section contains spoilers, but then, I really recommend you DO NOT read the Secret Empire series, so just go ahead and spoil yourself. At least then you'll understand wtf is going on.)

Long story short: Marvel lost their freaking marbles and made Steve Rogers a Nazi. It's pretty much as bad as it sounds.

They argue that this was an anti-fascist story but... I really don't know if they can possibly be that clueless (maybe they are... but, then, Charlottesville.)

So now that the whole sorry thing is over and done with* and the dust has settled, nerd-dom is giving its verdict.

*(Well... ish. There are now two versions of Steve Rogers running around (just in Earth-365, the central Marvel comic universe) - one of which is a Nazi. THAT'S NOT NORMAL MARVEL.)

(In the interests of honesty, I will tell you that there is a post on the same site explaining why it was 'worth it,' which you can find a link for in the 'not worth it' article.)

Incidentally, the most recent series of Agents of SHIELD (series 4) covered a lot of the same ground in its 'Agents of Hydra' story-line.

In this Bookish Rebel's humble opinion, they nailed it far better than the comics.

For a start, they didn't take a character who punched Adolf Hitler in the face on his first cover and MAKE HIM A NAZI.

I don't wanna give too much away, cos, y'know, spoilers - but the emotion and the sense here felt... more human. More respectful. More realistic. And more effective for it.

Of course, you may disagree with me - but I think the MCU's TV arm pulled this off.

If you don't fear the spoilers, check out Jen Schiller's piece on Monkeys Fighting Robots for some of the excellent reasons why.

OK, so that's it for this week! And apparently I had a lot of sh** to talk about!

So what did you think about Wonder Woman? Are the criticisms harsh or correct? Have you seen season 4 of Agents of SHIELD?!?!* What d'you think about the corners the CW shows keep writing themselves into?

*OK, so I really want someone to have actually seen this series because OHMYGODTHEFEELS!!!!

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