Friday 29 September 2017

Friday Fics Fix - B-A-B-Y Baby

Something a li'l different for you this week my nerdlets!

This week I've got a fic based on the awesome film Baby Driver - if you haven't seen it, it's pretty damned cool!

fics fix title image

For those not in the know (or in need of a reminder,) Baby Driver is about a getaway driver called Baby who plays music (LOUD) on a semi-permanent basis to drown out his tinnitus (and the whiny bank robbers he works with.)

So this week I found myself looking through fics based on films I've seen recently...

...and I honestly could've done without some of the IT fics to be honest. Who watches that film and finds Pennywise sexy?! Never underestimate fandom's twistedness my nerdlets. Ever.

But in the course of that I came across this Baby Driver fic. 

OK so there's no huge artistic merit to this particular fic - no new directions, very few new angles.

But while fanfiction CAN change the world (and you know I believe that with all my f**king heart!) it doesn't always HAVE to!

Sometimes, it can just be about enjoying the world of whatever book, TV series, film, etc. for a little longer.

This week's fic is just that.

It has the regular typos of fanfiction, and a butt load of violence - so if those are things that bother you, maybe sit this one out.

If it sounds like your thing, check it out:

(Btw, in true Baby Driver style, I'm typing this in time with the fast-paced pop-punk I'm listening to! Lol.)

And I'll be back with more fanfiction next week! :)

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  1. Ooh I’ve been really wanting to see this movie!! Would you recommend it?

    1. I would! There are a couple of issues with it (dead PoC characters, use of the word r****ded,) but there's also a lot going for it! It's uber-enjoyable and (I think, anyway) handles disability really well! (I don't have those disabilities though.) It's also violent as f**k - but it's one of those films that you can't help but love! XD


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